Jun 10, 2010

Reagan's Daughter

See this cute little black and white outfit I bought Sara Madalin in early Spring at The Children's Place?

I thought it would look so cute with her white sandals. So, I told her to go get them so I could put them on her.

And this is what I found when I went to check on her.

Not only did she pull out EVERY pair of shoes, sandals, and boots that she owns, but she insisted on wearing these in 90 degree weather with a pair of capri pants. (Heavy sigh.) It's moments like these that I tell her she's her father's daughter. She looks like she's inherited his fashion sense. Lord, help me.

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Laura said...

Just wait until she wants to start wearing long sleeved dresses in the summer and sundresses in the winter!

The Glenn Gang said...

Should you really put the tag "pretty shoes" with this post? ;-)