Jun 19, 2010

'Tend Like

When my sisters and I were little, we'd play "pretend." You know, where you pretend you're a princess or pretend you're Miss America. But, instead of saying "Let's pretend like...", we would say, while we were playing, "Let's 'tend like we're going to work." or "Let's 'tend like I'm the momma." My former college roommate and I joke about that when we see each other. Her dad's in on the joke and when he sees me, he calls me 'Tend Like. Anyway, Sara Madalin has entered the stage of "'tend like."

Friday night, after dinner, I was trying to move all Sara Madalin's things back into her room after having it painted. (And before I get emails or comments asking, I'll post pictures of the room one day next week. It is so cute.) I moved her little kitchen set and table in there. She likes to play in her room more these days, so I thought she would like to play with these. She has a flatware set that looks just like grown-up flatware that we purchased from IKEA. I opened that up and gave her the spoons out of it. Reagan and I continued to work. After a few minutes I looked around and noticed that she had gone and collected several of her bath toys (they look like bowls) and put a spoon in each one, then placed them on her table. She had 'tended like she had cooked some dinner. Her sweet Daddy sat down and ate some of her dinner. She was so proud and happy to have someone in on her play.

She was having such a good time that she didn't want to go night-night. I love watching her play and pretend.

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Paige said...

Very cute! Can't wait to see her new room.

Carrie said...

Sweet post! I love that both our girls are in the pretend stage these days. It's a lot of fun.