Jun 8, 2010

Water Babies

Every Tuesday during the month of June, the children at Sara Madalin's daycare are having water activities during their morning play time. Since she is among the youngest classes, they start their play at 8:00. So, I have to bring her dressed for water games on Tuesdays. Last week she was with me and didn't get to play. This morning, we dressed her right before we left. Here's a cute picture of her in her swimsuit, shoes and cover. Tell me this child doesn't already know how to work the camera!

Now right after this photo, she had a meltdown. She thought, because she was dressed to play in the water, that she was going right out our backdoor to play. We could not make her understand that she wasn't playing until she got to school.

When I pulled up at school, the other members of her class were already outside. She was so excited to see them all in the little wade pools set up for them.

I only stayed for a few minutes to get a couple shots. I think she really enjoyed it.
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