Jun 17, 2010

A Work in Progress

We've lived in this house for a little over a year. When we first looked at it and decided to buy it, we knew that there would be some cosmetic work to be done. Reagan and I began working on some of the rooms and did a pretty good job. But, then Sara Madalin started walking. And climbing. And wanting to help. And it just felt like we were getting nothing done because we were constantly defending paint, or tools, or a ladder that she didn't need to climb no matter how many times she threw herself to the ground and screamed, "My climb! My climb!" (She's a little dramatic, our girl. And the "my" stage she's going through - oh, that's a whole other post in itself!)

So, we hired some professional painters. And I began to look at furniture. And sell the furniture we had. And all the things that go with re-decorating. All while teaching, raising a 2-year-old, working on my master's degree, trying to keep the house somewhat clean, and occasionally fitting in an hour or two of sleep.

It's been pretty slow going, but we can see the end of the hard work in sight. Hopefully by the end of summer, all our inside repairs and painting will be done. Then maybe we can unpack a few of the boxes from last year's move that we still have out in the shop.

We recently had the living room/dining room/kitchen area painted. I went with Believable Buff from Sherwin Williams on the walls. I'll post pictures of the finished rooms soon. I kind of can't right now because, well, they aren't quite finished. For one thing, my dining area looked like this yesterday.

That's the partial contents of my pantry, photos that were on our bedroom walls, an old entertainment unit, a ladder, and a bookcase from SM's room, to name a few things from the picture. And for those who know me and know how I love order and organization, if you think this caused me much stress, you would be wrong. Mainly because that was nothing compared to this...

Having my kitchen look like that - now THAT caused me stress. Luckily it was only that way for a couple days.

There was quite a bit of wall repair to be done in the guest bath and Sara Madalin's room.

Hopefully those should be finished either this evening or tomorrow and I can get things back in order in there. I should be able to post a few "after" shots sometime next week, if for no one else but my Aunt Sue and my Mamaw. If no one else cares, I know they do. And I'm thankful that they do.

Until I have my house in order and can show the finished rooms, here's a picture of one of my Craig's List finds that I'm so proud of. It's a Norwalk sofa that I bought from someone nearby.

It is a sage green color and had some cute throw pillows that came with it. But because they are silk, they had water spots on them. So, I changed the pillows out. I bought the zebra print pillows from I O Metro and the monogrammed pillows and curtain panels from Ballards. The ottoman came from Sam's. I think I've found a rug I like, but I'm having a problem committing to it. Anyway, I'll post pics of the entire "great room" space some time soon as well. Then it's on to our room, bathroom, closet, and laundry room. And boy does it need A LOT of work. I'll try to remember to post some before, during, and after shots to show what I'm talking about. But for now, I think I'll go check on those painters. They just love it when I pop in on them to make sure they're doing what I asked them to do. Not that I'm difficult to work with or anything. No, that would be my husband. ;-)

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The Stairs Family said...

Well its not just Aunt Sue and Mamaw that are interested, I am too :) I love seeing all the different ways people decorate and design their home. You have very similar taste to my own so maybe I'll get a few ideas!

Casey said...

I can't wait to see the finished pictures! What amazing craiglist finds!

Regina and David said...

what a mess, lol. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I like your new couch and I love the monogrammed pillows! I still like the green walls though. :-)

Laura said...

we just bought a new house, but we're remodeling before we move in. Are you floors stained concrete or is that tile? Just asking because we're staining our concrete and the color looks similar to yours. Have a happy weekend!