Jun 23, 2010

You Do the Crime, You Do the Time

Spanking doesn't work. Time out doesn't work. Maybe a little manual labor will teach Sara Madalin a lesson.

She was cleaning up the mess she'd made with Taco's water bowl by splashing the contents all over the floor outside our bedroom. We have gotten on to her over and over again. We've put her in time out. We've talked to her about why she shouldn't play in Taco's water bowl. Nothing has worked so far. Every time she comes across the bowl, it's like a magnet for her. She has to put her feet in it. Or put her hands in it and splash the water all over the floor and walls. So, tonight, Reagan gave her a towel and made her help clean up. We'll see if that works.

The water bowl is usually behind closed doors in our room. But we had to move it into the hall because our room, bathroom, closet, and laundry room are being painted. Oh, and if I thought the water was a mess to clean up... it's nothing compared to what awaits me when the painters are finished. They have been sanding, and priming, and making a huge mess. I'm trying to remind myself that it will all be worth it. But for now, here's what we're living with this week. This is a shot of our laundry room.

Here's our closet.

Our master bath

And our bedroom.

Our bedroom was actually painted today. They have to finish the crown molding and trim. Then I'll clean the floors and move the furniture around. But for now, we can't really sleep in there. And Sara Madalin might as well get ready, when I start cleaning, there's a mop in my bucket with her name on it. ;-)
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Regina and David said...

that sure is a pretty bed you got there! ;-)

Ashlee McCrary said...

that's too funny! i completely agree you do the crime, you do the time!