Jul 21, 2010

By Popular Demand!!!

And by "popular demand," I mean that one person sent me an email last week and said I should video Reagan cutting up a watermelon, since I've mentioned it a few times on the blog. So, this post is essentially for you, Summer. Here's Reagan cutting up a watermelon for a fruit tray that I took to Sunday school this past weekend.

A few things I should mention from this video:

  • As is so obvious, it was very professionally done. We're thinking about sending it into Food Network. I fully expect them to call us with an opportunity for our own show.
  • Our baby girl just can't seem to get enough lipstick on, can she?
  • The question about Bro. Dan, that was for Nicki.
  • It was a good watermelon. Smith county is THE place to get a watermelon in MS. They are known for their watermelons. I think I mention that fact every summer. But it's true.
So, there you go. I'm sure everyone who reads our blog is very appreciative of this "how to" video and will run out, get their very own watermelon, and slice it up to enjoy.

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Ann said...

Adorable video!! lOVED THE LIPSTICK AND THE CUTTING METHOD!!! I will try this next time I cut a watermelon! :-)

Casey said...

what a cool way to slice the watermelon. I am going to have to try that!

Summer said...

THANK YOU!!! I tried to do it last weekend, but it didnt turn out as good. I did learn I need a VERY sharp knife. Im going to try it again this weekend! I've been showing everyone at work. Everyone at the Telepak office loves SM's blonde curls =) oh and not to forget her daddys mad watermelon cutting skills. You need to put that on youtube! hahaha