Jul 13, 2010

Craig's List Addict

I have a problem. I'll be the first to admit.

I'm addicted to Craig's List.

I check it several times a day. I have had some good finds, and then, as Reagan says, I've been "taken" a time or two as well. I thought I would share a few of my deals.

I bought this table. It was advertised as a sofa table or writing desk. The previous owners spray painted it in hopes of giving it a distressed look - their description, not mine. I plan to paint it a deep red and use it in my bedroom.

I've shown this a time or two already. It's the sofa in my main living room downstairs. It is very comfortable. It's very hard to lie on this sofa and not fall asleep.

I also bought this leather chair and ottoman for the living room downstairs. It was originally from Sam's and was in great condition and is also very comfortable.

I've been looking at several places for one of these locker systems for my garage. It's a great place to put mud boots, umbrellas, and backpacks. The guy I bought it from had looked at a picture in the Pottery Barn catalog and then made this himself. It's very heavy and in great condition. I think I want to paint it a dark brown.

I've also bought a jogging stroller on Craig's List that was a steal. The previous owners used it maybe 2 or 3 times. We've probably already used it more times than they did.

In addition to these things, there are some CRAZY things for sale out there. For instance, I sent a link to my friend, Nicki, the other night for some "draws" that were listed for sale. For those who read my blog that are not from the Deep South, "draws" are also known as drawers in some parts of the world. You know, the things that you place in a "chester" or chest of drawers. And the "draws" have been listed more than once. And each time I've seen them listed, I've wanted to email the seller and tell them, "It's DRAWERS, not DRAWS!!!"

In case anyone cares, I'm currently on the hunt for a few bookcases and square or rectangle kitchen tables for my office/craft room, in addition to any other deals I might find. If any of my local friends see anything I might be interested in, let me know.

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Denise Darnell Davis said...

I'm so glad someone else is as addicted to Craigslist as I am!

Laura said...

All I can say is that your Craigs List is better than our Craigs List! All we have is pure junk in our area!

Ashlee McCrary said...

I think those are great finds! Love that locker shelf piece. I like finding small finds on ebay & some on overstock.com (flat rate shipping) but I havent tried craigs list before! I need to check it out!