Jul 10, 2010

Family Time

We just returned from a road trip to my aunt's house in Shreveport, LA. She's my Daddy's sister and we took him to visit with her and my Uncle Joe for a while. I have several very cute photos to share of our visit with them, and I'll post those on Monday. But I thought I would go ahead and upload a couple pictures of our silly little girl from our time in the hotel Friday night and Saturday morning.

We got into our hotel around midnight Friday night. Sara Madalin had already been asleep for a few hours. But when we got to the there, she woke up. As Reagan and I were getting things settled and ready for bed, she decided she wanted some "wahdger" (water). So, I fixed her some. Then she decided she'd make sure we had a wake-up call scheduled.

We had a room with two queen beds. She slept (very well) in one and Reagan and I slept in the other. But y'all, the girl WILL NOT sleep late. Even though she went to bed (for the night) after midnight, I felt her tugging on me at 6:00 this morning. It was pitch-black in the room and she was still ready to get up. I put her in the bed with us. She started bothering Reagan. So, I got her and we went to her bed. She wasn't having it. She kept pushing me and telling me to "bove." I gave her a cup, and she did lie down for a little while as she drank her milk from it. But then, she was ready to get up again. So, Reagan got up, got dressed and took her downstairs for coffee and a muffin so I could rest for a little while longer. He said she asked a million questions, but was very well behaved. Here she is enjoying her muffin.

Then he brought her back up and decided he'd go ahead and give her a bath for me. You know how hotel rooms have those shower caps in the bathroom that no one really uses?

Reagan put it on her and he said she never once tried to take it off. She just left it on while she played and bathed. He said he finally took it off her.

After her bath, I got up and we got ready to go back over to my aunt's where my uncle fixed us a huge, wonderful breakfast. Now we're home and Sugar is fast asleep in her bed. I'm off to bed as well, because I KNOW she'll come running into our room bright and early in the morning.
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Laura said...

You came right through Monroe and didn't stop to say, "Hi!"???? Love the shower cap picture.

Regina and David said...

I LOVE when the daddy's take the baby's so the mama's can get a little more sleep!! :-)

and, I use those shower caps! if I don't use it at the hotel I always bring them home to use later. ha

Paige said...

That shower cap picture is priceless! Hope you have a great week!

Stephanie said...

EMH loves to play with the phone in the hotel too. We just unplug it and let him have at it!
I laughed out loud when I saw the shower cap picture. TOO cute!!