Jul 12, 2010

Going to Aunt Sue's House

My Daddy is the youngest of 9 children. He has one brother and 5 sisters who are still living. My Grandmother passed away in 2006. Since then, my aunts and uncle and all of our family don't get together as much as we once did. So, we told Daddy a few months ago that we would take him to Shreveport to visit my Aunt Sue and her husband, Joe, this summer.

My Uncle Joe works at Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City. They live near the base.

Here's my Aunt Sue. She has read our blog since Sara Madalin was born but has never gotten to meet her. She was so excited to see SM. And Sara Madalin went right to her like she's known her forever.

Uncle Joe cooked us a great breakfast with biscuits, sausage, bacon, eggs, and fruit. We went into the kitchen to see him while he cooked. At first, Sara Madalin was afraid of him. I'm not sure why. She never seems to be afraid of people. But she would put her head down on Aunt Sue's shoulder and close her eyes when he'd talk to her. By the time we left, she was in his arms laughing and giggling.

She found their dog kennel and before we knew it, she was in there playing.

As if breakfast wasn't enough, Aunt Sue also had a chocolate cake and watermelon for us. Reagan showed them all how to cut up a watermelon. It seems to be his talent.

Here's a photo of Sara Madalin, my Daddy, Aunt Sue and me.

And here's one with Uncle Joe. Sara Madalin was still keeping her eye on him.

We had a great visit and I'm glad my Daddy and Aunt Sue got to see each other.

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Summer said...

I think you need to do a blog about Reagans watermelon cutting talent,an instructional video on how to do it. Everytime we eat one..which is very often lately I always want to attempt it, but Im not sure how he does it.