Jul 18, 2010

How to Apply Lipstick (And a Potty Update)

We have had a wonderful, but, as always, busy weekend. There are quite a few things to blog about and I'll get to that, but I just had to share this video from Saturday afternoon, along with a little excitement from earlier today at our house. First, the video. We went to a princess birthday party Saturday morning. In the goody bag that Sara Madalin brought away was all manner of girly goodies. She got a couple bracelets, a pop-ring, a pair of sunglasses, a comb crown, and a tube of chap stick, or lipstick as she liked to refer to it. She applied her lipstick over and over again. Here is a video of her playing with it. She is so funny.

She loves to tease me by saying, "I... wuv... DADDY!" Especially when she knows I want her to say Mommy. I can be sitting putting my make-up on or something, and she'll say it to get my attention or to make me laugh. You can tell she knows what she's doing too by that little laugh at the end.

Saturday night, on our way to dinner, the chap stick found its end. I had let her hold it on the way to dinner. Right before our restaurant's exit, I looked back and she had dug out enough chap stick to spread it on both her arms, all over her face, and was even working on putting some in her ear. She was so greasy. Reagan pulled over and I got back there and cleaned her up before we met friends for dinner. I also took the lipstick and threw what was left of it away.

On a different note, I would like to thank everyone who sent me pointers on Blogger and Facebook regarding potty training. I did what I do with most other parenting advice, I looked at it all and drew from it what I thought might work best for us. One friend told me to try and look for times that I know she normally goes in her diaper, and at those times, put her on the potty. Someone also said to gently push her lower belly to help her feel those muscles that are used when she wets. I gave her a few days' break. Then, this morning, after her bath, I asked if she needed to potty. The last few times I've bathed her, she's run to the living room and wet on the floor, so I was thinking that would be a good time to potty. She sat down and I pushed on her belly just a little and told her to push her tee-tee out. Then she told me, "Bove." That means "move." So I walked out of the bathroom. Another friend had told me her child wouldn't go as long she (my friend) was in the bathroom, but would when she stepped outside. So, I stepped outside, Sara Madalin closed the door, and I waited for a minute. All I could think was, "There's no telling what she is getting into in there." Then I heard her say, "I did it!" I walked back in and, sure enough, she had gone in her little potty. She was so happy and excited. I almost cried. She ran to tell her daddy. We clapped and told her how proud we were of her. She did it again this afternoon before I put her down for a nap and then before I dressed her for church. Each time, she jumps up and claps and says, "I did it! I tee-teed!" She's so proud of herself. She's still wearing her diaper and I know it will take a little while before we're out of them, but we are closer than ever before. Hopefully, she'll start telling me before she has to go and we can move to "pannies" during the day and "pup-ups" at night. Thanks everyone for your advice.

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Carrie said...

That "lipstick" is just too much ;) Good for Sara Madalin for using the potty! That's huge. We are fixing to jump on that around our house. I had not heard that some kids need privacy. That is really good to know, thanks!