Jul 28, 2010

I Want a 'Nack, Mommy

Sara Madalin is really communicating well with us now. She says so much. We have to watch what we say, because she repeats almost everything she hears. And when she wants something, she has no problem letting us know.

Here's a picture of her one morning this past week. She likes to have a "nack" in the mornings for breakfast. She's actually started saying "cee-al." I put it in a bag and she tells me, "I hold it." She eats her "cee-al" and drinks her "mulk" on the way to daycare.

She's also started forming longer and longer sentences. This morning, Reagan went out to the car to get something before they left, and she said to me, "Mommy, where Daddy go?" He said, that when he put her in her car seat and walked around to get in to drive, she reached up and touched the ceiling, then exclaimed, "Daddy, I reach it!" She loves to talk. Sometimes, she'll be in her bedroom talking to her babies, or just to herself. We think it's funny. Her vocabulary is really growing and it's so neat to hear and see her understanding so much. She has the sweetest little voice. I'm hoping that I can capture some of it on video soon.

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Laura said...

I remember breakfast on the way to daycare! I'm STILL finding Fruit Loops in my car! LOL!

And all that talking....just wait 'till she's 5!! She'll never shut up then!

Regina and David said...

I guess we'll have to limit her time around David when we come home, he will almost certainly get her in trouble. lol

Avery's Mommy said...

She reminds me SO much of Avery! Everything she says and you write it EXACTLY how it sounds - so cute.

I love, love, love the wording above her bed!