Jul 15, 2010

My Baff - Sara Madalin's Bathroom

Here are a few pictures from Sara Madalin's bathroom. This is also our guest bathroom. It's much smaller than our bathroom, but the perfect size for our girl. The paint I chose to have in here is Sherwin Williams' Rice Grain. I chose a pale, neutral color so that I could add really colorful and vibrant accessories.

I had the brown curtain already. I used it in our old house in a bathroom I had painted blue. I've thought about getting Sara Madalin's monogram put on it in green, but just haven't committed to it yet. I bought the curtain rings on sale at Target. They are orange, green, blue, yellow, and brown.

Here's a view of the vanity.

A future project I have planned is to frame that mirror. Rhoda has instructions on her blog for doing this and it looks fairly easy. It will just make it look more finished. I'm afraid that when I frame it though, I'm also going to want to paint the cabinets to match. Right now, I don't have that kind of time. So, I'm not sure when I'll get to that project, but it is on my list. I'll be sure and post pictures when I complete it.

One thing I didn't really notice until after we'd had the room painted, was the placement of that hand towel holder. I think it should be moved away from the mirror a little. But, I guess I can live with it there for now. I'm using green and brown towels in here. I plan to have them monogrammed with SM's initials.

Here's a close up of the vinyl word art that I ordered from an Etsy vendor. I ordered a few pieces, each from different vendors, for various places throughout the house. I ordered this one from FishTail Designs. The designer was easy to work with and her prices were very reasonable. This is one of mine and Reagan's favorite scriptures. One thing we like to do around here is laugh.

Recognize this?

It's one of my pieces that I painted at Easely Amused. I took it to a local frame shop and asked for a rustic frame. It was pretty inexpensive to frame and I think the colors work really well in here.

And here's a shot of "My Baff." That's what Sara Madalin calls the bathtub.

You'll notice the essentials for a great bath - toys, bubble blower, and tear-free soap and shampoo. It's like a day at the spa in here.

I haven't decided what I'll put on this wall to the left of the entrance. I guess I'll know it when I find it. For now, it's empty.

And the rug and potties to finish off the room. Sara Madalin has yet to "go" in either of these without great encouragement and much assistance. There have been times when she's sat on one for several minutes, only to tell me, "I ohnt pink one." So we move to the pink one. Or, "I ohnt big one." Then we move to the real toilet. It's like a vicious circle, folks.

Since we've finished this bathroom, it's where Sara Madalin takes all her baths. She loves it because she can climb into the bathtub without any help. And, once I finish bathing her, I close the curtain and let her splash as much as she wants. I stay in there of course to make sure she's ok. My sister and baby Amandah are supposed to be here some next week, so she'll have to share "My Baff." We'll see how that goes.

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Laura said...

I love SM's bath. And it's neutral enough to be used as a guest bathroom, too. We only have 2 bathrooms in our new house, but I've decided to do the hall/Alise's bath in her theme (same as her bedroom). I asked my friend that is helping me decorate if that would be "weird" because I feel like people will be thinking that they're using "Alise's bathroom" and she said she didn't think so. She thought it was going to be so cute that people really wouldn't think about that. You can tell that that kind of stuff bugs me. Anyway, we're going with it.

Katie (and Tony) said...

LOVE your painting! So fresh and it fits perfectly! I had no idea you did it (missed that post) until reading. But it caught my eye right away! Good job!