Jul 1, 2010

MY BEE!!!!!

Most children gravitate toward one particular toy or blanket when they are young that becomes their sleeping partner. When Sara Madalin was about a year old, she started sleeping with a piggy/blankie. She calls him, "My Piggy." Any of our friends who've been around Sara Madalin at bedtime, you know she asks for it when it's time to go night-night.

She also likes to sleep with a blanket. When it's time for bed, she runs around the house saying, "My Banket. My Banket." until she finds a blanket to cuddle with.

Well, last March, we visited her Nana and Nana gave her this HUGE stuffed bumble bee. Sara Madalin LOVES that bee. And we've grown to love him too. See, since we've put her in her toddler bed, she's gone from being a child that sleeps through the night, to one that wakes 2-3 times in the night. But for the last couple weeks, MY BEE (I'll tell you why it's all caps in minute) has been sleeping with her.

I tried, the first night that she wanted to put him in the bed, to just let him sleep on the floor next to her. She wasn't having it. Instead of asking for MY BEE, she started screaming, "MY BEE!!!! MY BEE!!! NIGHT-NIGHT!!!! MY BEE!!!" That's why I have to use all caps when I refer to him, because she never just asks for him like she does "my piggy" or "my banket," she SCREAMS for him. "MY BEE!!!!"

So, now MY BEE sleeps in the bed with her at night, and sleeps on the floor with Taco during the day. And I am not about to take him away. No, because now that MY BEE sleeps with her, she sleeps pretty much all night. We all love MY BEE!!!!

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Courtney said...

So cute. I would be loving that bee too if it meant she slept all night!

Paige said...

Just precious!