Jul 27, 2010

Nana and Papa

We had an opportunity to see Sara Madalin's grandparents, aunt, and cousins this past Sunday. They were in the area (kind of) for a family reunion and we made plans to visit with them for a couple hours before they headed back to north MS. We met them at McDonald's so that Sara Madalin and her cousins could play together.

The past few times that we went to visit them, Papa has had to work. This is the first time that he's seen Sara Madalin since she was about 5 months old. You wouldn't know it by the way they played together though. She wanted him more than Nana. (Sorry, Nana.)

Yeah, I'm sure he was probably pretty sore Monday morning.

She knocked his cap off once and then, because she thought it was funny, she kept doing it every time he'd put it back on. Then, he'd put it on her and she'd giggle.

She played in the playground with her cousins, Kaylie and Jacob. At one point, Nana went over to get her and she started calling, "Papa." He climbed in and sat on the bottom step and played with them in the playground. We all thought that was funny. Nana said, "I don't even think he did that with our kids."

This was right before they left. She was giving him a hug, then she started feeling and squeezing his face.

She gave Nana a quick hug, but then wanted to get down and play some more.

It was a quick visit. And I know they were exhausted afterwards, especially Papa. But I told them how happy it makes us to see her get to spend time with them. We thanked them for making the effort and extending their time, just so she could see them for a couple hours. I think as she grows older, this will mean a lot, and hopefully will help her see how much she was loved by all of us during this time. We told them again how grateful we are to them for supporting the decision Sayra made to place Sara Madalin with us through adoption. They both, Nana and Papa, stated how they have had people ask them how they are able to do it - visit with us, see her with us, and be ok with it all. We assured them that we have the same questions asked of us. And it's ok that people don't understand it all. We do. I can't even explain the peace and ease with which we visit when we see them. It's a relationship and a love that can only be defined as the love of Christ. And I'm so thankful that God has allowed us to be a part of this.

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Penny said...

You don't have to be able to explain it~ it is a beautiful thing. I love the posts about "sharing" Sara Madalin. That's my favorite part of your story~ your heart. :)

Avery's Mommy said...

Clearly, she's knocking his cap off b/c it's Ole Miss. That girl has some Tiger blood in her!