Jul 22, 2010

A Night at the Theater

Tuesday afternoon Reagan took off work a few hours early and we took our sweet girl to her first theatrical presentation, Nick Jr.'s Story Time. Here she is before we went into the theater. I had squatted to take her picture, so she thought she was supposed to squat too.

The place was full of toddlers and elementary school-aged children. I told Reagan I didn't think I'd ever seen so many hairbows, pillowcase dresses, or smocked jumpers in one place in my life. She was so excited to be there. And of course, there was a product table with t-shirts and other gear. We chose a little light that spins.

Is this look not priceless?

That was her look as she walked down the steps to our seats. She could see the stage with the lights and decorations up there.

And I think this was right after the first characters, Moose and Z, showed up on the stage. After they came out, she sat in her Daddy's lap so she could see better. She loved it.

She saw Kailan, the Back Yardigans, and the Wonder Pets. But her favorite by far was Dora, or Doe-rah, as SM calls her. When Dora came out, SM started yelling her name and pointing and waving her arms. It was so funny. But she didn't really care for Boots. "He 'care me," she said. For some reason, when he came out (he's a monkey that explores with Dora, for those who are unversed in the world of Nick Jr.), she turned her head in toward me and closed her eyes. I was holding her by this point. We could tell that she was about over it. So, a few minutes before it was all completely over, we left to meet B.B. and Hayes at Sal & Mookies for pizza. Here she is with Hayes after we'd eaten.

After we ate, he and B.B. left to go see the later show. I think he enjoyed it as much as Sara Madalin did. It was a great evening with our Sugar. We're glad she enjoyed it so much.

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Beverly said...

I remember when my two boys were small I took them to see the wiggles live and they had the same looks! :) It is such a fun thing to experience through your childs eyes!

And oh my, I love your little gals curls. She is just the cutest!

I would love if you checked out my blog too:

Regina and David said...

I love her dress! it's really cute. when I first saw that first photo I thought she was trying to use the bathroom,lol. I guess that's because I see kids doing that here all the time. haha

Summer said...

I wish I had known yall were going! I wanted to take Lexi, but I didnt want to go by myself. Shoot! Maybe next time =)

K Storm said...

I wish Boomer was just a little younger and was still into those shows so I could have justified taking him...he thinks he is as big as Sissy... :(

Looks like it was fun..

Casey said...

oh that sounds like so much fun!