Jul 26, 2010

Shared Experiences

Once a year, members of our church who choose to do so, attend a Sunday evening game of the Mississippi Braves. This was our first year to attend with them. We were looking forward to it with Sara Madalin. Here she is with her Daddy as we entered the park.

She was holding on to those tickets for him.

And then when we were seated, she didn't want to give them back. (Y'all notice the guy wearing the white shirt in the background of the next picture. Something must have been pretty funny.)

The church staff had bought tickets for a couple sections just past first base. When we got there around 6:00 p.m. we went on down to our seats. We knew that Sara Madalin probably wouldn't be able to make it very long. She'd had a long day, and a very short nap. Plus, it was H.O.T.!!!!

Not long after we got there, my friend from Sunday school, Becky, came down and told us to come up to where the rest of our class was hanging out. It was more in the shade and cooler, so they had all moved up there. Since there were so few people at the game, we could move around.

Sara Madalin loved it. She sat in Reagan's lap for a while and watched the players "hit it." When they were stretching before the game, or when they would slide into a base, she would say, "He fall."

Around 8:00, she came over to me and crawled in my lap and said, "I want milk, Mommy." I knew then that it was about time to call it a night. Here we are a few minutes before we left the game. She was so tired, but still wanted to see what was going on.

I enjoyed visiting with some of our Sunday school class members while we were at the game. One thing that our pastor has been sharing in his sermons on Sunday mornings is the importance of unity in church. He's shared a number of things from scripture that have really spoken to us. I've enjoyed the series. One thing that he mentioned on Sunday morning was how shared experiences create unity. I can see where that is so true. There are so many people in our lives from our past (classmates, former church members, etc.) that are close friends today because of past experiences. My prayer has been, as we began attending this new church, that He would open doors to friendships and create new relationships for both Reagan and I. Little by little, I feel God answer that prayer.

It's not always easy to move on to a new place or new stage in life. But we've both felt, without a doubt, that God has called us to do that. With that move, God has brought a lot of change. But He's also brought a lot of growth and maturity. We have both really enjoyed our Sunday school class and have been welcomed there so warmly. Our teacher is very knowledgeable in the Word and both Reagan and I come away each week with new understanding of what we've studied. I've had several opportunities to meet other women through service in the church. And Sara Madalin herself has led us to meet people just by her friendly, outgoing nature. I was telling someone how we were walking down the hall one day, as we were leaving church, as someone said, "Bye Sara Madalin." I didn't have a clue who they were. It must have been someone who had either kept her in the nursery or has a child in her class. But it's so sweet to see how God is starting and building new relationships. And one way we see Him doing that is through what our pastor spoke about Sunday, shared experiences. We look forward to more and more of those as He continues to grow us in this new place He has us.

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Carrie said...

What a fun church outing! SM is too cute suited up for the ballgame ;)