Jul 23, 2010

We Might Have a Problem

I've had a little visitor the past couple days. She's so rotten she stinks.

This is my niece, Amandah.

She's 7 weeks old and is so spoiled by her Mama, Daddy, and 2 older brothers that she thinks she should never be put down. These two pictures, and about 10 minutes in her carseat while I washed bottles, are about the only few minutes that she was put down in the 2 days she was at our house. She is seriously held pretty much ALL the time.

Here are a few pictures that Reagan took Friday morning before he and Sara Madalin left. (And before I fixed my sweet daughter's hair.)

I was feeding Amandah while her mom got ready to go to a training conference. As soon as I sat down, Sara Madalin came running over and said, "Mommy, I hold you." That is what she says when she wants me to hold her.

Then she started trying to climb in my lap right along with Amandah.

Right after this picture, she started pushing on the baby's leg and saying, "Bove."

I'm thinking we might have a problem. I'm pretty sure she is not going to exactly welcome a new baby in our home with open arms.

This next picture is so funny. We told her to give Amandah a kiss bye-bye. It looks like she's telling her, "That's my Mommy. You better watch it kid." But she did really end up giving her a kiss.

Then everyone left. And this is how I spent my day.

She'd sleep on my chest like that for about an hour, then move around and get comfortable in another position, or cry for another bottle. She'd eat, then snuggle back in for another nap. Rotten, I'm telling you. I told Reagan that if I had two kids, especially one that wanted to be held all the time, I'd never get out of my pajamas.

But for now, there is only one princess in our home. When she got home this afternoon, the baby was gone. And I'm not so sure she was upset about that.

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Courtney said...

Logan has still not adjusted to Madison and it is almost a year later. I think it is just really hard on some kids. If he wants picked up, he says "hold you". Glad you got to spend some time with your niece.

Anonymous said...

Loved your post! I have a spoiled rotten niece too, but I'm more than happy to help with the spoiling!

Casey said...

Ohh we had one of those babies that had to be held all the time, it was sooo hard.

Sara Madalin is sooo cute and I love her hair

K Storm said...

Sweet baby!! And Sara Madalin is funny...making sure she is still your baby!!

blessedmomto8 said...

Yep, so sweet! That's why i LIVE in my pj's :)