Aug 16, 2010

2-Year-Old Photos - Finally

I finally had Sara Madalin's 2-year-old portraits done this past weekend. I'm only about 3 months behind. But I've wanted to do something outside and it's just been too hot this summer. It was still hot Saturday afternoon, but it was overcast and a little breezy, so it was bearable.

We had an afternoon sitting and she had a pretty good nap before we went. But she was still so DIFFICULT! She was not in the mood for photos. She wanted to play with the dog, or pick pecans off the ground, or play with the umbrella Mrs. Jennifer had as a prop. I think we might have gotten a few good photos, but probably not as many as we have in the past.

Mrs. Jennifer is so good with her. She is much more patient than I am. I had brought a couple dresses for her. One that was a sweet white and lavender smocked dress. Mrs. Jennifer and I both like bare baby feet, so Sara Madalin didn't wear shoes in any of her pictures. I know there will come a time when she can't get away with that in photos, so I'm taking advantage of those bare feet as long as I can. Here she and Mrs. Jennifer are when we were trying to get a picture of her in that dress. Mrs. Jennifer had her sitting in a dark purple velvet chair.

She kept taking that hairbow out and handing it to me, saying, "Here go, Mommy."

Mrs. Jennifer had a tu-tu and t-shirt that we put on Sara Madalin for a few fun photos. I'm excited to see how these turned out. She took some with the hat, and some without.

Finally, I put her in the white dress I had photographed her in on the beach and we walked out to the pond behind the house. I thought it was sweet how she would hold Mrs. Jennifer's finger every time we'd move to another spot.

We're looking forward to seeing how the photographs turn out. Once the weather is cooler, I'm hoping to have a family portrait done. I just hope our diva will cooperate.

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Heather said...

These were really cute, so I can only imagine how the professional ones came out! I can't wait to see them!