Aug 24, 2010


Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 37.

I will admit, not every birthday has brought celebration. But yesterday was a good day. Not because it was my birthday. Although that was a good thing about it. But it was a good day because it was another day that God has blessed me with this life. I was reflecting throughout the day about this year of my life. God truly blessed me in so many ways. He answered many, many prayers. He led me through so much this year. He allowed wounds to heal in my life. He gave me closure in a number of areas. He has also led me to new territory, so to say. He's given me new relationships. He's grown me in ways I never imagined.

So, I thought, in celebration of 37 years, I would make a list of 37 ways that God blessed me. Not throughout this past year. That list would be way more than 37 blessings. But I thought I would list 37 ways God blessed me on my 37th birthday. So, here are 37 things that made my birthday great:
  1. Not missing the alarm, and getting up in plenty time to get ready for my day.
  2. My husband starting my car for me and loading all my "gear" before I left for work.
  3. A smiling little girl who squeezed my neck and wished me a happy birthday before I headed out for the day.
  4. My husband praying over us as a family (as he does every morning) before we each went our separate ways for the day.
  5. A dependable car that gets me where I need to go.
  6. Arriving at my office in plenty time to prepare for my first class.
  7. All my students arriving on time for class. (After last week's lectures, they KNOW better than to arrive late. Ha.)
  8. Great classes. My students worked hard and we had a few great discussions.
  9. Facebook messages from a few friends wishing me Happy Birthday.
  10. Calls from my sister Brandi, and her son, with whom I share a birthday.
  11. A call from my grandmother and my mother.
  12. A call from a Sunday school friend to wish me Happy Birthday.
  13. Flowers from my sweet husband and daughter delivered to my office at work.
  14. Students that make me laugh, and who laugh along with me.
  15. A job I actually enjoy, even on the worst days.
  16. The fact that I drank enough water throughout the day to allow myself a treat of Diet Dr. Pepper with my dinner. (It's the little things. Ha.)
  17. My husband unloading the dishwasher after I left for work. I didn't know he did it until I got home from work. It was a welcome surprise.
  18. A short, 15-minute nap before I had to pick up Sara Madalin.
  19. A nice, comfortable bed in which I can take such a nap.
  20. A lovely neighbor to baby-sit SM for a couple hours between my leaving for class and Reagan's arriving home.
  21. Arriving for my evening class in time to find a half-way decent parking space in the commuter lot.
  22. Pulling a good, interesting journal article for my first assignment of the semester. (Which is due next Monday night, by the way.)
  23. My instructor letting us out a little early tonight.
  24. Arriving home before 9:00 p.m.
  25. A loving daddy and husband who took great care of our girl while I was away. He bathed her, fed her, and got her into bed, all before I got home.
  26. Kettle Corn 100 calorie popcorn bags.
  27. A nice, big, comfortable chair to relax in at the end of the day.
  28. People who are interested in our lives and care enough about us to read all the ramblings I place on this blog. (Ha.)
  29. The Sudoku app on my iPhone. (I'm so addicted.)
  30. Reading friends' blogs who make me laugh, cry, think.
  31. My husband balancing the checkbook so I don't have to.
  32. Socks. I love socks. I go through about 3 pair a day. I should do a blog post on my sock obsession. Hmmm.....
  33. Being caught up on laundry.
  34. And ironing.
  35. Having good skin - for my age. Ha.
  36. Being able to go to bed before midnight on my birthday.
  37. Going to bed knowing that my family is near and safe, that I am eternally secure in Christ Jesus, and that I am blessed beyond all comprehension. EVERY DAY.

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Laura said...

Happy Birthday! You finally caught up with me!

The Glenn Gang said...

WHAT? A sock obsession? 3 pairs a day? I don't even own 3 pairs of socks. I need to know more!

Kelli said...

Happy belated birthday, Malinda!! I'm glad to hear it was good for you!

ashia said...

happy birthday!!!! glad that you had a great day!!

Heather said...

I haven't been on FB for a few days (shocking), so I missed your birthday notice! Happy belated Birthday!! I'm glad you had a wonderful day filled with so many things to be thankful for.