Aug 23, 2010


Saturday night Reagan and I attended a dinner fundraiser for an organization that helps battered women and children in the southerwestern MS-area. We don't actually live in the area of the shelter, but a friend had asked if we would be interested in attending. We didn't have any previous plans, so we said that we'd love to go. It was such a blessing to attend.

It was billed as a "Purple Tie Event," rather than a black tie event. Purple is the color for domestic violence awareness. Some of the attendees took the "purple" tie billing to heart. Many women wore purple dresses and most every man had on a purple tie. I was lucky to get Reagan to wear a striped tie with purple in it.

The event had two guest speakers. Both are members of the news team at a local television station, Maggie Wade (standing in the photo below) and Barbie Bassett (seated).

Both Maggie and Barbie are lovely women inside and out. They both shared encouraging words about how EVERYONE has worth in God's eyes, no matter what they've been through in their life. I told a friend of mine that Maggie was preaching. She was quoting scripture and sharing what God had laid on her heart. She is a very engaging speaker and I thoroughly enjoyed what she shared.

I've met Barbie once before at a ladies' brunch. I posted about that in another post that you can read by clicking HERE. I also follow her blog. A link to it is posted in my side bar - Barbie's Forecasts & Faith. I think she is just lovely - inside and out. And she has such a heart for Lord and for women.

We didn't really know anyone at the dinner. But we sat with some very friendly people. One person at our table was Mrs. Pat. When we took this picture, she told me that we were Ebony and Ivory.

I don't remember Mrs. Pat's last name. She told me, but then she said, "Everybody calls me Mrs. Pat." So, I called her Mrs. Pat. She was a sweet lady who is very proud of her children and grandchildren. She shared with me how she was a single mother and worked hard for her family. I told her that I admire her for that. Reagan and I say all the time that we just don't think we could raise a child on our own. It's a lot of work. I constantly have a new admiration for people who are single parents.

After the event, Reagan and I went over to speak to Maggie and Barbie. Maggie does a special segment on the news broadcast each week, called "Wednesday's Child." She features a different child (or children) each week in our area who is in need of an adoptive family. I can't watch it because I want to find a home for all of them. So does she. She has such a heart for orphans. It is obviously a ministry to which God has called her.

We introduced ourselves and I told her that our daughter is adopted. She had such kind and encouraging words to speak in support of adoption.

Then, I got to speak to Barbie. I reminded her of the brunch at which she had spoken when we met. She did remember taking a photo with me and Sara Madalin. Her baby, Lilly Faith is a few weeks older than Sara Madalin. We talked a few minutes about her book (which was recently published) and homeschooling. I had read on her blog that she homeschools her children. I asked how that was going and told her that we had started working a couple days a week on a K2 curriculum. She was very encouraging and told me not to give up on it. I think that we could have talked longer, but I knew there were a number of people who wanted to speak to her and have a photo with her, so we snapped a quick photo then left.

As we left, I texted my friend and thanked her again for thinking of us. The event was a blessing and a great "adult" night out.

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Penny said...

I love Maggie and Barbie. That's such a wonderful cause to help with. I went through an abusive first marriage~ thank God my mom took me and my two little girls in when I made my mind up to get out. So many women have nowhere to turn. That's why I take things to our local shelter thrift store instead of somewhere else. Once you've been there, you really have a heart for what these women, and their children, go through.

ashia said...

so cool that you got to meet those 2 sweet ladies! i follow barbie on twitter, and she is just great. i didn't even know about her book, but i randomly saw it in a bookstore over the weekend. hmmm, i will have to check it out!