Aug 2, 2010

Come and Gather 'Round Our Table - The Dining Area Make-Over

We have been busy all Summer with re-decorating and I was really hoping to have things finished before I begin teaching again. But I have to face facts - that is not going to happen. Every single room in our house has been repainted, including the garage. But not one room is what I would consider finished. Every room either needs another item or two added to it, or a picture hung, or a rug purchased for it. And I've just come to the conclusion, I may never finish decorating this house. So, instead of waiting until every single thing I have in mind for each room is in place, I'll give an update on what we've done to the rooms so far, and as I add a piece, or Reagan hangs a picture, I'll post updates.

So, today I took pictures of our dining area. We have an open floor plan, so we basically have a great room that includes a living/family room, dining area, and kitchen. I posted a survey a while back on the blog and asked for readers to vote on the color for the great room. I gave a choice of Antique White and Believable Buff, both from Sherwin Williams. I went with Believable Buff. And I really like it. It is warm, but neutral. I really thought it had more of a gold color to it, until all my walls were painted in the color. Now, I see it is beige with just a hint of gold undertones. The entire main living area on the first floor is this color. (All the bold color choices were saved for bathrooms and bedrooms.)

To refresh your memory, here is what our dining area looked like before we painted.

It's not that I don't like the green of the walls, I just thought it was too cool a color to go with the floors, kitchen backsplash, and wood in this area, which are all warm browns and oranges. (I just realized this photo must have been taken last Fall. I doubt I'll be able to put those pumpkins out on the table this Fall with SM around.) Notice where the curtains hang on the windows. According to our decorator/consultant, that placement is incorrect. You'll see the difference in the "after" photos.

This dining room furniture was one of the first big furniture purchases we made after we married. We purchased this before even living room furniture. We made this purchase first, because we had a small square table and four mis-matched metal chairs in our dining area of the old house. (Oh, but we had a huge TV and stereo system with surround sound. Bachelors!) I purchased this set thinking that one day I would have a formal dining room in which to place it. Then we moved into this house and it was a little too much furniture, and a little too orange. I was so sad to sell it, but there is a young couple in Brookhaven who was more than happy to buy it. We hosted so many get-togethers, and played probably thousands of games at this table in the 13 years we owned it.

Now, on to the new...

This is a shot of the dining area from the kitchen. You can see the new drapes, that I'm still trying to steam wrinkles out of. I purchased them online from Ballard's. The color is caramel. Reagan has learned a great deal about hanging drapes in the past year. See how they are hung way up high. Rhoda taught him that.

You can also see the light fixture over the table is not quite centered. It needs to be a little more to the right. Because of the size of the table, it is slightly off centered from the fixture and the windows. We hope to swag that fixture so that it is better centered over the table. (The other light you see in the top right of the photo is a pendant light in the kitchen. I'm not a professional photographer and my staging isn't the best in the world.)

Here's another view from the living room area.

The table is from the Paula Dean collection. It is a taller table, similar to pub tables that are popular right now. I think the finish is called "Tobacco." But don't quote me on that. We have 6 chairs, but I might purchase two more. I've also purchased an area rug from I O Metro that is to be delivered in a few weeks. I can't wait to see it in here.

Another view from the living room.

That sad little corn plant to the right of the buffet piece is probably going to be moved out and I'm not sure what I'll put on either side of that piece. I hope to have a photo of the three of us framed to hang over the buffet. The wall is pretty big. I may do a series of large photos along that wall. I'm not sure yet.

The front and bottom of the buffet.

I'm storing nothing in the drawers right now, and place mats and linens in the baskets below.

Another shot of the buffet. I'll probably add little decorative pieces to the top as I find things that work. Right now, I'm trying to finish off the bigger pieces (rug, art for the wall, etc.) before I focus on smaller details.

So, that's the dining area so far. And we've already hosted our first guests this past Saturday night. I look forward to having many more people gather 'round this table to enjoy food, games, and laughter.

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Meghan said...

Oh my I love the furniture that is in there now so much more then the other. The dark color gives it a little contrast! I think it looks great. Can't wait to see the pictures you add to the wall.

K Storm said...

Looking good!

Courtney said...

It looks beautiful. Love the new furniture.

Regina and David said...

wow it's looking great! love that table. David wants to know if you have a cover for it, lol!!! can't wait to see it all in person and gather 'round that table for a few rounds of cards/dominos and a meal!

Avery's Mommy said...

Love, love, love it!

blessedmomto8 said...


Ashlee McCrary said...

I LOVE your new dining room! I'm esp in love with that buffet table! I wish we had a buffet instead of a curio cabinet. I just love table tops where I can place more pictures & decorative pieces. Yall did a great job!