Aug 15, 2010

I Die!

All you Rachel Zoe fans, I've got my own fashion stylist in the making. She goes by the name Sugar-Sugar and she can accessorize an outfit like nobody's business.

Here she is Sunday morning before we left for church. She started by adding her Little Mermaid "gasses." Then, as she watched me dress in my closet, she picked up a "pupple" scarf to add to her ensemble. Finally, I put on a necklace, and she had to have a "neck-ace" too. Bananas!

She seriously went out of the house dressed like this. Who am I to stifle her fashion creativity? Who knows, someday she may be dressing Jen Garner for the Golden Globes, or attending Chanel shows at New York Fashion Week.

No matter what she does, I will stand by her as a proud mama.

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