Aug 1, 2010

Jive Talkin'

I'm sure you're all aware that Saturday was National Dance Day. And I'm also sure that everyone celebrated with music, decorations, food, and friends. No? Was that just us? Hmmm....

Saturday night, my college roommate, Penny, and her family came over to eat with us. When we were looking at dates to get together, one of us suggested July 31, and she told me, "That's National Dance Day!" So it was perfect, because she and I, we are ALL about "The Dance."

I thought I would decorate a little to get us in the spirit. I purchased (and had Reagan hang) a little disco ball.

I think Rod, Penny's husband, only walked into it once or twice.

I also added some dancers to the walls. This was the "Dancing Queen."

And the "Hot-stepper."

I downloaded some popular dance tunes to play while we celebrated. I had "YMCA," "Boot Scoot Boogie," "The Chicken Dance," "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing," "Hand Jive," and "Macarena" to name a few.

Penny brought pizza, or "pay-za" as SM calls it, and I prepared some dips and a dessert. For dessert I baked a chocolate cake and made candy-covered cake bites.

This was the first time Sara Madalin got to meet Penny's kids, Jessa and Noah. Jessa is 14 and Noah is 11. Sara Madalin had the best time with them. They played and played.

Here they are playing the Wii. SM thought she was playing too.

This next picture would have been great if the photographer had focused on the subjects instead of what was behind them. Isn't Jessa a carbon copy of her mom? And playing cards with her - oh, I had flashbacks to Penny when we were in college.

We had a great time with Penny, Rod, Jessa, and Noah. We all (except Noah) played cards after SM went to bed. And, although I'm not one to complain or be a sore loser, I have to tell you they ALL ganged up on me. I was winning until about half-way through the game. Then, they all turned against me and I lost by about 200 points. But that's ok. It was a fun night celebrating dance - and friendship. Even when friends and their children turn on you in a game of cards. (Not that I'm dwelling on it. At all. Just a little.)

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R said...

Lol! That's hilarious! We all had such a great time, and we are blessed to have friends like y'all! We MUST get together before Thanksgiving. At our place. You get to win at cards. Promise. Unless Jessa is playing. Ha ha! Thanks again! SM is soo precious. (Btw, I lost too. You know how much I loved that. Skipped three straight times. And wasn't even winning. Not that I'm dwelling on it. At all. :)

Casey said...

Oh my goodness, I love the disco ball. How fun

Paige said...

Looks like so much fun!! Have a wonderful week.

K Storm said...

How much fun is that!