Aug 7, 2010


Reagan was very sweet and let me sleep late this morning. He, Susan, and David packed up towels, toys, a cooler, and floaties and took SM down to the beach for awhile. When I joined them a little later, Sara Madalin was ready for her snack. She has loved the beach. She has also enjoyed sitting back in a lounge chair with her goldfish crackers and a Capri-Sun during snack time.

I thought we would try out the lazy river today. So, we headed back to the condo and went upstairs. We probably floated for close to an hour. At one point, she just laid back on my chest and put her hands behind her head. I thought she was going to go to sleep. She didn't. But after lunch and a cookie (because she ate such a good lunch for Mommy), and a little more play, she and I had a good nap together. Tomorrow we head home and have to say bye-bye to the beach and our lazy days.

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