Aug 6, 2010

Life's a Beach

Our little girl has had a great time at the beach today. She played in the sand for awhile when we first went down. She likes playing in it, but as soon as it starts sticking to her, she says, "I want wipe, Mommy." At one point today she had a wipe and was trying to wipe sand off all our feet as we were in our lounge chairs.

After a few minutes in the sand, she, Daddy, Mitch, and Day-Day went out in the water in their inner tubes for awhile. She loved it. I have a couple pics of that I'll share later. Right now I'm only able to mobile blog, so you only get what's on my phone. Once we're home I'll upload what I have on the camera.

We've had a long day and she is pooped. She slept well last night and I have a feeling she will tonight as well. But before I close for the night I wanted to share something she said to me today. After the beach time, I took her up to the condo and let her play in our shower to get all the sand and sunblock off. She loves the shower here and I let her play in it for awhile. As I was toweling her off, she did something and I laughed. She giggled and said, "I funny Mommy." I said, "Yes, you are baby."

She's having a blast (except at nap time), and we are too.


Casey said...

How fun! Enjoy your time

caryn said...

Sounds like my little one with the sand on her feet. We live at the beach so everyday she asks us to wipe her feet 100 times, we have found a sprinkle of baby powder get the sand to just fall off and she is happy again.

Jackie H. said...

Hey, I just did a post on beach books and activities for 2 year olds if you are interested.