Aug 8, 2010

Orange Beach Vacation 2010 - Day 1

A few weeks ago, Reagan and his sister, Susan, began talking about us going to the beach together for a few days before school starts back. The only weekend we had available was this past weekend. And they ended up getting us a great deal. They found a place that was just starting to rent out units and they gave us a great price. As a matter of fact, they have two phases and have only started renting out one phase, or building. One whole side (seen to the right in the photo below) is still being built and readied for renters. The unit we stayed in had never been rented before us. Because of that, we found several things that needed to be replaced or repaired. But, those replacements and repairs also meant our cost to rent was a fraction what it would normally be, which was great for us. Here's a look at the condo from the beach.

There was 4 bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths. Susan and David stayed in the first master, Reagan, SM, and I in the 2nd master, Mitch in one of the other bedrooms, and his GF, Mallory, in the last bedroom. Mitch's room was the first bedroom on the right as we entered the unit.

Our room was next.

Our shower - SM loved it. I would turn it on and let her play in there while I cleaned or got ready for dinner.

Our closet - all the closets were huge, walk-in closets.

Mallory's room was on the other side ours, still on the right side of the condo. All our rooms had a huge wall of windows with entry onto one of the balconies. SM climbed up onto this bed when we got there. She loved running around the condo, playing and exploring.

David and Susan's room, which was on the left side of the condo.

Their bathroom - they had a huge garden tub - that didn't work without flooding the unit below. That had been discovered the week before we arrived. Because it didn't work, we couldn't use it of course, but we were given spa visits for each of us girls to make up for it. I'd say that was a great trade-off.

The rest of their bathroom.

The common area which included a full kitchen, dining area, and TV area.


Dining area

TV area

Off the TV area was an opening to the main balcony, which held a hot tub, grill, and patio furniture. Oh, and look at the view.

It was the largest condo we've ever stayed at. It was really nice and we all enjoyed staying there together.

Thursday night, after settling in and letting Sara Madalin play in the shower for a while, we all went to eat. As we were walking from our car to the restaurant, we came upon this guy cleaning fish. Sara Madalin was fascinated. I asked if I could take a photo of him.

Then he said, "You can come down and hold one up for a photo if you want." So I did.

The smell was awful and it was stiff as a board. I told SM it was nasty and stinky. And all weekend that's what she kept saying, "Stinky fish. Mommy touch it."

Here's where we ate dinner. It was really good.

Here's our group - Reagan, SM, Mitch, Mallory, David and Susan.

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Meghan said...

Wow it looks amazing! Could you tell me the name of the condo?

Casey said...

Seems like a fun place and gorgeous

Jana said...

What is so funny to me in this picture is there is one child and two maybe three juice cups!!!!