Aug 9, 2010

Orange Beach Vacation 2010 - Days 2 & 3

The first morning in Orange Beach we all got up and started preparing to go down and spend some time on the beach. It takes a while to get a 2-year-old and ALL her stuff ready to head to the water. There's the tote full of toys, the cooler, the inner tubes, the bag with towels and snacks - and of course, the toddler herself.

I had dressed her and told her to open her cover so I could see her swim suit. I said, "Open up." And the photo above is what I got.

Once we were down at our lounge chairs, we all made sure we were covered in sunblock. It was VERY hot and the sun was beating down. I made sure SM wore a cap so her little head wouldn't burn.

She had a great time. But see those floaties Reagan is holding? She wouldn't wear them. She never has worn them more than twice. She can't wear them in swim lessons and we have never really made her wear them anywhere else. We don't want her to become dependent on them. And she hasn't.

She doesn't like the sand. Every time she gets a little on herself, she'll come to me and say, "I want wipe Mommy."

A little fun in the water with Daddy.

And her favorite part of the day was always snack time. She drank a little Capri-Sun and a few dozen Goldfish, while lounging in her chair.

Friday night, the rest of our crew went to the Sugarland concert at the Wharf. We headed that way too, but chose only to ride the ferris wheel and get some Dippin' Dots. One of us couldn't handle any more than that.

Saturday was more beach. Then, after lunch, Reagan, Mitch and Mallory decided they would go parasailing. Sara Madalin and I chose to nap.

Saturday evening we took a few beach photos, then headed to The Original Oyster House for dinner. We had a little bit of a wait. Sara Madalin is like her mother, she doesn't always wait very well. These next couple pics were right before her meltdown that caused Daddy had to take her back to the car for a spanking and a few Goldfish to calm her down.

We enjoyed our dinner (eventually) and then we headed back to the condo for one last night of rest before going home. Here's Sara Madalin on her "bed" that we made for her. She wouldn't let us near it. She would say, "My bed."

She looks so sweet. And she did sleep well while we were there, with the exception of one afternoon nap. But, she was glad to get home to her real bed. We enjoyed our vacation, but we're all glad to be home.

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Heather said...

She is a cutie! I had to laugh at that "open up" picture, she did exactly what you asked, lol.

She is growing up so fast, just like they all do, and getting more beautiful by the day! I still enjoy stopping in to see what she's been up to...the little guy is keeping me very busy, so is his sister, for that I don't often have a chance to stop by.

Carrie said...

What a fun vacation! SM is so funny. I just laugh so hard reading your blog! Allie hates her water wings too, with a passion! And what is it with these girls and Goldfish!