Aug 31, 2010

These Days

I know I may seem a little silly when I blog about some of the things that go on in our life. For instance, today.

I'm going to basically tell you about us selling a rocking chair, me getting blood drawn, and us joining a new church. A fairly long post, but not earth-shattering news. But these are events in our life that are important to us. They signify change that is occurring in our lives right now. And we want to remember these changes. One day, we hope, we'll look back at these blog posts, the ones that didn't contain the most exciting news, or a bunch of cute photos, and be able to see, even in the simple day-to-day of our life, God has been faithful to us and carried us through.

Here is a picture of me and our stinking girl y'all like to see pictures of.

Personality, she is not lacking. We took this picture before I left for work Monday morning. You can see I'm not quite done getting ready - notice the hair and lack of lipstick. And, you can see that our daughter thinks she's a movie star. She wears sun shades around the house like they are glasses. She had been sitting at her table, eating raisins, watching TV, and wearing her shades. Reagan wanted us to take a quick picture of us in the rocking chair that has been in her room since before she was born. Two years before, actually. We have both rocked this little girl in this chair many nights. I think we've probably both fallen asleep in it a time or two as we rocked.

Here she is with Daddy.

We sold that rocking chair today. She doesn't want to rock anymore and I really need the space in her room for all the other things she needs and wants in there. I thought about storing it in case we adopted another child. But then I thought, someone could use it and enjoy it now. And, if we adopt again, I will probably choose different colors for the nursery. I posted it on Craig's list and got a tremendous amount of response. I sold it to a sweet lady who has a one-year-old to rock.

This is a picture of my arm this morning.

I'm fine. Thanks for asking. Ha.

Reagan took me to the health department to begin my medical paperwork for our adoption agency. I waited a month or so after they sent me the paperwork because I was having some other testing done. I had a couple of screenings and a biopsy recently after my doctor found several spots during my first mammogram. The biopsy results came back fine and I will have a follow up visit in a few months. But, I wanted to wait until that was behind me before I began all the blood work and physical exam for our home study.

Oh, and by the way, I didn't pass out this morning. I may have mentioned a time or so that I have a tendency to do that when a needle is anywhere near me.

Reagan should have his exams done soon, and Sara Madalin's doctor has her paperwork to fill out for her. Then, fingerprinting for the FBI and financial paperwork. We're slow, but we're steady. Ha.

And finally, another big thing (to us) that has happened recently - we joined a new church this past weekend. We've visited for about 8 months. We had become involved in a Sunday school class (I've blogged about get-togethers with them) and had really already started settling in there. But we've hesitated to join.

We had been at our former church all of our married life. We grew up there, I guess you could say. We love the people. Their spiritual guidance has made us much of who we are today. We have walked through so many battles with those people. We've had so many opportunities to minister with them - through short term mission trips, VBS, local outreach ministries, Sunday school, discipleship, women's ministry, deacons ministry - pretty much every aspect of lay service we could be involved in there. And they have ministered to us in more ways than I can even say. I feel as if many of them prayed our child into our arms. I think, after she was born, the Senior adult ladies' Sunday school class looked forward to seeing her each week about as much as they looked forward to seeing each other.

We didn't leave angry, or hurt because of anything in the church. We weren't running. Even in the toughest of situations, when it would have been the easiest thing to do, we didn't run.

Then, earlier this year, we felt God moving us. We felt it somewhat before SM was born. But He spoke very clearly to us earlier this year. Our hearts broke to leave. We didn't understand why we were feeling this way. But, more and more, our life is in the area where our church now is. Sara Madalin will likely go to school with some of the children she sees each week in Sunday school and nursery. We have family at this new church. It's been so wonderful to get to see them each week and for Sara Madalin to spend more time with them. As soon as I pick her up from the nursery, she starts saying, "Sue-Sue. Day-Day." She knows they are almost always waiting for her outside the nursery area. So, as much as it hurt to leave the familiarity, the love, and the relationships that we had at our former church, we felt - WITHOUT ANY DOUBT - that God was calling us here. Finally, this past weekend, we let go of the fears, (and, maybe a little of the guilt we felt for leaving our former church) and finally, took that last step and joined the body of believers that we have been worshipping with, growing with, and learning to love over the past several months. It's not a perfect church, and we aren't perfect people. But we are excited about what God is going to do here as we obey Him and seek to serve Him. We can't wait to get more involved in service here. And once again, we can see in so many ways, where God is faithful to us.

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