Aug 30, 2010

This is a Recording

Sunday evening after church we met our buddy, Jana, for dinner. Sara Madalin was so excited to see her. They made some jewelry out of wax sticks. And SM taught Jana a couple new words for her vocabulary. For instance, the wrapper that the wax was in - that's called "plastic." When Sara Madalin showed it to Jana and said, "Dis pastic." Jana looked at me and said, "She knows what this is?"

Um, yeah. She's a genius.

Here they are toward the end of dinner. Sara Madalin was teaching Jana how to play a game on her iPhone.

Reagan downloaded some flashcards, alphabet and spelling games, and a few matching games. She's really good at the matching games. He's also loaded a few apps that have the songs that she's learning at school. She loves music.

She's also learning a lot by listening to us. We've caught her imitating us in a couple of funny ways. Last Friday evening, we (she and I) were getting ready to meet Reagan for dinner. I told her, "Come on. Let's get ready. We need to go bye-bye to see Daddy." She said to me, "Wock and woll, Mommy." That's her version of "rock and roll." That's what we say when we are ready to go and we're in a hurry. We'll say to her, "Let's rock and roll. We gotta go." It was funny to hear her say that back to me.

Then, Saturday she was playing with something and it wasn't doing what she wanted it to do. I heard her say, "Goodness gwacious." She hears that from me a lot. She also hears me say, "Reagan!" quite a bit. Not fussing, but calling him from another area of the house or something like that. One day recently we heard her calling, "Weagan! Weagan!" We had to clear that up and make sure she knew she was not to call him "Weagan," but "Daddy."

I think my favorite thing she says right now is, "Bess you, Mommy." When one of us sneezes, she blesses us. But not only does she bless the person who sneezes, she blesses everyone in the room. "Bess you, Mommy. Bess you, Daddy."

And finally, this morning, Reagan did something for me before I left for work. I said, "Thanks Honey." Miss Echo said, "Thanks honey." Then she looked at me and grinned.

I'll have to try and get her on video soon saying some of these things. I love to hear her talk and I know that some of our family and friends who read our blog would get a kick out of hearing her too.

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Regina and David said...

cute! can't wait to see what all David is going to teach her/ she's going to pick up from him when we come home for a visit! lol

Jana said...

Regina it can't be any worse than what I did, I let the kid play with a knife!!! ooopsss!!! glad that didn't make the blog!