Sep 2, 2010

"Chah-ee" and "Mada-win"

There's a little boy at Sara Madalin's daycare, named Charlie. They have been in each other's class since she was about 18 months old. He's a few months older than her. A few weeks ago, when the new school year started and the older kids moved up, or on to school, some of the little kids moved up too. It didn't take me long to realize Charlie must have been one of the children in her classroom that had moved to another room. At least once or twice a week, she asks me, "Where Chah-ee go?" I have tried to explain to her that he moved to another classroom.

Wednesday morning, as Reagan and Sara Madalin arrived, he was showing her something in the hall. They were standing looking at it and Sara Madalin looked over to the dining room area and said, "There Chah-ee." And at about the same time, Charlie saw her and screamed, "Mada-win*!" and came running to her. Reagan said they embraced and hugged each other like they were long lost friends. He told me it was the sweetest thing he'd seen.

So, when I picked her up Wednesday, I took my camera in with me. I wanted to take a photo of them together so that we could remember her little friend. I looked for him in his classroom. He was already gone. So, we walked back down the hall to see if he and his mom had gone to his brother's room. As we were walking down the hall, Charlie turned the corner and, once he saw SM, said, "Mada-win! Mada-win!" And again, they ran to each other and I got to witness the embrace. It was just as sweet as Reagan said. You can tell they love each other and were so happy to see each other. Charlie's mom and I both laughed. I asked her if I could take a picture of them together and she said, "Sure." She told him to go stand beside Sara Madalin and, again, they hugged. This time I caught in with my camera.

I can't wait to someday show her this and tell her about one of her earliest friends.

* For some reason, the children in her classroom call her "Mada-win" or "Madalin." We think it's because "Sara Madalin" is just a little too much for them to say. All the adults still call her by her full name.

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The Glenn Gang said...

Seriously? You are gonna flaunt this new relationship for all the world to see?? How do you think this makes me feel? I can't help I'm 12 hours away because my dad got a new job. The least you could do is hide your little romantic escapades!!! Geez!

Tell me where this Charlie was when you were born? What about when you went to the beach earlier this year? Or, tell me where he was when you first met Mickey Mouse? Or, where was he when your geeky parents dressed up at Disney World last year when all the other cool parents wore regular clothes? Was he there with you? I don't think so?

If you need me, you can find me on Eharmony for I'm done!