Sep 27, 2010


Saturday night we went to dinner with Reagan's parents and Sue-Sue and Dae-Dae. Needless to say we had plenty entertainment as we waited for our food.

Remember a few weeks ago when I made a post about putting together a restaurant survival bag? I had several people who commented or emailed with suggestions of items to add to my bag. One suggestion was to add pipe cleaner. So I picked some up at Hobby Lobby. Pipe cleaner has become a hit at meal time when we eat out. I'm commanded to make everything from a bug to ring to a headband while we wait to be served at a restaurant. That's a headband in the picture above. I placed it on her head and then said, "Look at mommy." That picture you see is what I got.

She also made her rounds to everyone else trying to keep them entertained as well. Here she is with Sue-Sue and Mamaw. I don't know what she was telling Susan, but I'm sure it was funny.

While we all finished eating, she played with some of her stickers. She decided that the stickers were actually "and-aids." She would put them on us and herself and tell us that she was putting an "and-aid" on our bo-bo.

I'm not sure when it happened, but in her world, she obviously had gotten a bo-bo on her head, right between her eyes. But no worries, by the end of the meal, the "and-aid" was gone and the bo-bo was healed. And I have no idea whatever happened to the headband, but I'm sure I'll be asked to make another one soon.

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blessedmomto8 said...

I need to come up with that too! Thanks for the great idea!

Heather said...

I just love the new blog look! And I have to say thank you for helping us get through dinner out a few nights ago. I read that earlier post about what to pack to keep the little one busy while out to eat and I added stickers to my busy bag...a big hit! And now I will be searching out some pipe cleaners to bring next time, I love helpful, practical suggestions like these to help us fellow mamas out!