Sep 30, 2010

Guess Who's at Our House?

My sister and her daughter, Amandah, are staying with us a few days this week.

She's four months old.

She doesn't really care for me or Sara Madalin. Mainly, because right after I took these pictures above, Sara Madalin walked over and sat on top of her.

And she doesn't like me so much because I'm not her mama. And, because I scared her by trying to kiss her while her mama was holding her. She's so sensitive.

Her mama calmed her down and she gave me a couple smiles.

As I said, she doesn't really care for me and SM. Her Uncle Reagan on the other hand... she thought he was hilarious.

For the next couple days I'll be practicing what it would be like to be a mom of two. Amandah will be traveling around with me and SM as I run errands, go to appointments, go to Bible study, and haul SM to swim lessons and Kindermusik.

I covet your prayers.

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