Sep 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Nathan and Emily!

Saturday we were invited to the birthday party of Sara Madalin's brother and sister, Nathan and Emily. We traveled to north MS to attend the party and see the rest of the family. You'd think Sara Madalin saw them all the time. She made herself at home and was quick to claim her place among all the other kids.

Nana hosted the party at her house. Poppa grilled hot dogs and Sayra made cupcakes. We enjoyed it all.

Here's Sara Madalin with her plate. She ate the cupcake first, then had a little hotdog and ketchup last.

Here are Nathan and Emily opening their gifts. Their birthdays are both this month. Nathan is 9 and Emily is 7.

I was so proud of Sara Madalin. Most children her age (and even children older) like to be in the middle of all the gifts when they are being opened, even though the gifts aren't for them. She wanted to get in the "presents" but was very restrained. She sat in my lap like a good girl and watched the other kids as they opened their gifts. I kept encouraging her and telling her how good she was being and how proud I was of her.

After the gifts were open, she did get up and pick up a bow and a few pieces of tissue paper to play with. But she didn't try to take the other kids' toys. Again, I am so proud of her.

All the kids (and there was a LOT of kids, ha) were given goody bags and went back outside to play some more. Sara Madalin loved the sour candy that was in the bag.

Her sister, Emily, got as one of her gifts some candy that you actually spray from a bottle. Emily would spray some in her own mouth, then turn it to SM and spray some for her. It was the sweetest thing. I hate that we weren't quick enough to get a picture of it.

Here she is going around to everyone who would listen, asking for "more" and doing her sign. If you've ever been around her when she wanted more of something, you know how she always signs "more", even now that she can say the word. It's so cute.

Here's our final picture before we left. Nana was so proud to have all 6 of her grandchildren together today and we took a picture of her and Poppa with them.

We had a great time and felt so welcome there. We are forever grateful to them for this precious little girl that keeps our life so full. And we are so glad that she is a part of their life and they are a part of hers. Our prayer is that she sees just how much she is loved by all of us. I pray that God uses the testimony of her life in mighty ways that even we can't imagine.

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Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness! That is so awesome that you guys have such an open relationship. I truly believe that SM will have a very big testimony to share...someday! I love love your blog...just sayin!

Penny said...

Her life is already a beautiful testimony to the goodness of God! Love the pictures! :)

K Storm said...

I just love that....

Casey said...

That is so cool that she is able to interact with her Nana and family. Love that cute lil dress and those sandals...adorable!

Marla said...

Adoption is truly a wonderful thing. I myself am adopted from El Salvador and couldn't imagine living my life any other way.Your daughter is beautiful,what a blessing!