Sep 11, 2010

I'm Gonna Need a Little Prayer

This is the outfit, with shoes and accessories, that my child picked out a few days ago when we told her she could go outside and ride the 4-wheeler with her daddy.

The only thing that I had a hand in was the shirt. She had worn it with a pair of pink shorts to school. She picked the shorts, the boots, and the... um, hair accessory. Y'all please pray for me in about 10 years when we start those love-filled teenage years and she's picking out ALL her clothes. No, just go ahead and start praying for me now.

She loves riding the 4-wheeler with her Daddy. Every time he opens the shop, if she is near, she goes over to touch it.

Here they are after their ride. She was waving at me. Then, they were off again.

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Regina and David said...

makes us sad, sad, sad! ha that's all my words about that. lol