Sep 3, 2010

It's Like I Wasn't Even There

Sara Madalin started her new swim class this week. One of her old friends, Max, is in her class. They didn't really remember each other. His mom and I remembered each other.

When they first went into the pool, Max's mom and I stood behind the pool fence and watched them. They take turns with their instructor, Ms. Amanda. Max sits while SM swims with Ms. Amanda. Then SM sits while it's Max's turn. Let's just say, SM is still learning to "sit" while it's Max's turn. But Ms. Amanda speaks her language. Each time she sits still while it's Max's turn, she gets and "M."

Look at that girl swimming without her Momma. I'm so proud.

Little by little, I eased out of the poolroom. She would look for me each time I moved at first. She would ask Ms. Amanda, "Where Mommy go?" Then she'd look to where I had moved.

Here she is about to dive off the side. She has no fear when it comes to this exercise.

She swam to Ms. Amanda, then all the way to the other side of the pool. They also work with them to be calm and swim to the side if they fall in. That's what I like about these lessons. Not only is she learning to swim, she's also learning how to respect the water and how to handle situations that may arise in or near the water.

Here she is swimming on her back. She's reaching up at the butterfly hanging from the ceiling.

And, while she was like that, I eased on out of the room. She never looked for me again. She probably didn't even notice that I was gone. She did great for the rest of the class and when I went in with her towel to get her, she kept telling me, "I kick-kick Mommy. I get m-ms." That's my girl. No more, "Where Mommy go?" It's all about the chocolate.

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Courtney said...

So glad she is doing great, this is such an important skill.

Casey said...

How awesome! I am glad she is doing so well! May I ask where she takes lessons? We need to sign our girls up at somepoint