Sep 23, 2010

Master Bedroom - Before & After

Kelly at Kelly's Korner has started hosting her "Show Us Your Life" series again. I enjoyed participating in those last time she did that and thought I might do it again for a few weeks. Mainly because it forces me to clean the room in my house that she's featuring each week. This week she's asking everyone to show their master bedroom. We recently painted and rearranged our master bedroom. I still have quite a bit of work, but it looks better than it did when I began. Here are a few pictures from before we painted. The first is looking into our room from the door.

This is one of the corners of the room. That chair was part of my family room furniture and I just stuck it in our room because I needed a chair there. It didn't match the room at all.

Now looking into the room from the door.

You can see we flip-flopped the bed. It's on the wall to the right of the entry door. (I know that rug is too small for that area. I have a difficult time committing to buying rugs for any room in my house. For now I'm using this rug in the space, but plan to purchase a larger rug for the room.)

Here's our bed. I like white bedding. I might buy a few throw pillows, but they will most likely be white as well. I think white looks good with the dark colors of the wood, and I can add colors in other areas. The wall color is Sherwin Williams Ivoire.

Another view, looking toward the entry door.

Looking from Reagan's corner of the bed to the other side of the room.

My side of the bed.

My jewelry armoire. I plan to have Reagan hang that mirror on the wall above it.

Reagan's "chester draws."

My dresser.

I made the candle holder. I'll have to post the pictures of that project sometime. I took two small candle holders and used Gorilla glue to attach the globes. I saw it on someone else's blog.

One of two chairs that we purchased from a lady we went to church with. I bought the pillow at Pier 1. Just because I liked it.

Reagan's side of the bed. I plan to place a large plant on that stand beside his night table.

French doors leading out to our sunroom. We hope to enclose it (eventually) and make it a sitting area off our bedroom.

I'm so proud of this little table.

I bought it for $50 or $75 off Craig's List. I can't remember which. And Reagan primed and painted it for me. I had moved it into the laundry room originally, but decided to put it at the foot of our bed because the red looks good in here.

And in keeping with my habit of telling a little more than anyone really needs to know about me, I have to show you how I'm able to get into that great big tall bed. This is my current step-stool.

I purchased it at Wal-mart. Yeah, I'm classy like that. I'll replace it at some point, once I find something that works in here. But for now, that sits beside my bed every night.

Here are the doors leading into our bathroom. I'll post pictures of that in a few weeks.

I still have a bit to do in here. I have a few projects planned for pieces to go on the wall and to fill in empty spaces around the room. But for now, it's a peaceful place to sleep at night.

You wouldn't believe all the "help" I had when I was trying to take these pictures. What would have taken about 5 minutes normally, turned into about a 20 minute project. And when I said, "All done" I was met with the reply, "Take my picture Mommy."

So there you go, now the room is complete.

I'll be sure to post updates as I tweak this area of the house.

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Jennifer said...

ooh first of all...I love the new look! I'm on the prowl for a new blog design too. Jennisa always does a great job and always has a long waiting list:( Thanks for your sweet email the other day. Love the look of your master bedroom. The color of paint is nice and goes well with the furniture. And the little cutie modeling is just adorable!

Denise Darnell Davis said...

Love the new blog look and love the bedroom too! We just put our new bed together in our room last night...its over 4 feet tall and I have to use a 2 step-step ladder to get in it! Made me feel better knowing I wasn't the only person with a step stool by their bed!

Stephanie said...

I love the red table!

Heather said...

I love your room Malinda!! It's beautiful!! You have done a great job, it's simply stunning!

Emily, Timeless Paper said...

I really love your floors!

Bethany at 3SonsPlus1 said...

Your room is stunning! So many great details- I love it!

Shelby said...

I love your ceilings.. and of course that four poster bed! Adorable blog!!

~SHO~ said...

Love that floor!

Wiz said...

Love your room and I love the high bed. That is what I would eventually like to get. Your daughter is precious :)

Stephanie Wilson said...

I really love the red table and your bed! Very pretty!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I also love the red table at the foot of your bed and the new chair in the's got great style!

Summer said...

What a beautiful room and your furniture is just gorgeous!! I love the clean relaxing feel of your room! Your blog is super cute as well and your little girl is just presh!!


Robin said...

Your bedroom looks fantastic! Love your bed and the layout!!!

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I hope you are able to stop by again!


aka: Alabama Slacker Mama

Chelsa said...

love the red table at the end of the bed!