Sep 19, 2010

Singing Herself to Sleep

We took a little road trip to north MS on Saturday. It was a pretty long ride and cut into Sara Madalin's normal nap time. We could tell she was getting sleepy when we caught her patting her piggy (like we do her to get her to sleep) and singing (like we do her to get her to sleep). It was so sweet. But as you can see from the following video, she kind of gets a little confused with which song she is actually singing.

Aside from the attitude when she told her Mommy to "Stop it... sing," she was pretty cute, wasn't she? By the way, she was asleep about 10 minutes after I shot this video.

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Paige said...

Melt my heart... I cannot believe how big she is getting! What a precious sound to hear a child singing "Jesus Loves Me." Have a great week!