Sep 18, 2010

Sweet Friend

I had lunch with a dear, sweet, long-time friend Friday. This is me and Peg.
She's been such a good friend for so long. We first spent time together on a short-term mission trip to Honduras in 2002. Her daughter-in-law, Bitsy went with us as well. All week we would call them Itsy and Bitsy. I still call her Itsy from time to time.

After that mission trip, she and I had a special bond. We are both a little, how should I say it? SPOILED. And we aren't afraid to own it. To say that showering in a metal inclosure with a water hose draped over the side was an adjustment for us, is an understatement. But we both grew that week as we moved outside our comfort zone to, in a very small way, minister for God.

Peggy and I both love to laugh and enjoy fellowship with other women. When I was leading the women's discipleship class at our former church, she was always so helpful with anything I needed her to do - whether it was cook a dish for fellowship, decorate for an event, or teach the class if I was out. I knew Peggy would be faithful and help whenever I needed her.

We no longer attend church together. But we still love and miss each other. So, a few weeks ago we decided that we needed a little time to get together and catch up. We met for lunch Friday and talked for over an hour and a half. I think we would have visited longer had it not been for the fact that the waiters kept coming by asking if we needed anything else. I think it was their way of kindly letting us know that we'd stayed past our welcome.

I told her that we would definitely have to get together again some time soon. I am so thankful for friends like her. She and I talked about so many things. One thing we talked about was how some friendships are so important to us that they stand the test of distance, time, and life changes. I consider ours one of those friendships. She has been such a positive influence in my life. And I love her so much.

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