Sep 10, 2010

Tweaking - Organizing our Mail

After a year and a half, I almost have the "bones" of each room in our house set up. Now, I plan to tweak and organize each room a little more at a time. This week I tackled our mail system. Up until this point, we really haven't had much of a system, as you can see in the next picture.

(Just a s side note: You know you're short when you take a photo in front of a mirror and no one can tell you're standing there.)

This is niche located off the kitchen, as you enter our bedroom. I thought I'd make use of the space, so I decided to make it our mail drop point. I bought the book case at Target. It's a dark brown. I got the baskets on clearance at Pier 1. Everything else, we just dump there. As I bring in the mail, I just drop it in a box. Reagan goes through it from time to time to pay bills. Then he dumps it back in a box.

Then, somehow, the boxes also collect Sara Madalin's Sunday school papers and art, miscellaneous receipts, and then a stack of loose change that I've rolled to take to the bank.

So, I decided I'd try and organize things a little better. First, I removed everything and dusted the shelves. Then, I put the lamp, baskets, and some Fall decorations back in place.

The top shelf has a small basket only for bills. As I open the mail, only bills are placed in that basket. Behind that basket there is a bank (it looks like an old radio) for Reagan's loose change. Then I added a little plaque that says, "Make time for quiet moments with the Lord." It was given to me as a house warming gift from a sweet friend at our former church.

On the second shelf is a deeper basket. In it I have our tithes envelopes. I also have an expandable, divided folder. I saw this idea on an organization site I read earlier this week. The tabs have two letters of the alphabet assigned to them. As we bring in receipts, I file the receipts in this folder in alphabetical order. We have had countless "discussions" about how Reagan can never find all my receipts when he's balancing the checkbook. Also, when I need to return an item, I can never find the receipt from when I purchased it. I'm hoping this system helps us with both those issues.

The bottom shelf has two more deep baskets. One is for tax paperwork that Reagan accumulates throughout the year. The other is for anything that needs to be filed - bank statements, medical paperwork, etc.

Hopefully this system will help us have less paper and clutter in this area. If not, I'll just tweak some more.

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Lawrence said...

Two words:
WOW and "if only"...
That's a very good system Malinda - my mail has disintegrated to a semi-living morphing blog of paper.

The Glenn Gang said...

Raise your hand if you are jealous of how awesome this is and feel completely unorganized with a not so cutely decorated house.


Tracie Cruse said...

only you, Malinda... LOL.. you are so funny!

Jenn and Joe said...

I love it! I have been running ideas in my head for a mail area. I really like your idea, but I don't have the room. It makes me want to get my mail project done. Thank you!