Sep 8, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday - A Clean Kitchen

In the past, I've participated in several blog hops/carnivals. What those are, basically, is someone comes up with an idea or topic and invites others to write about the same topic. Then, all those who've done a blog post on that topic, add their post to a link list on the host's site. I love doing these little activities. One, because it allows me to meet new blog friends, and two, because it allows me to get tons of new ideas for decorating, organizing, and blog topics. However, adding my blog to these link lists also opens me up for spammers and solicitors. I've had tons of spam in my comments. I've even deleted some past posts because these spammers would post LONG anonymous comments in them. And they would do it several times a day. It was just a bother. It's the reason I moderate my comments. Otherwise, for almost every blog post I publish, I'd have about 10 solicitations in the comments. All that to say, I choose not to participate in these blog hops right now.

But, I still like the ideas I've seen on some of them. One I came across recently is called, "What I'm Loving Wednesday." I'm not going to add my blog to the host list, but I do want to give credit where credit is due. So, if you want to read more posts of those participating in this blog hop, you can click HERE.

Now, what I'm loving this week - A Clean Kitchen!

The countertops are not usually that empty and clean. I usually have about 2-3 three neckties, tons of pocket change, and 4 sippy cups on the counter.

But for a few brief moments on Tuesday, before anyone else got home, it was clean. SPOTLESS!

I set out a few of my Fall decorations once the kitchen was clean. I'm hoping to do a little more decorating in the next few weeks. October is going to be FULL and I know I won't be able to do much then. So, I'm decorating a little earlier than usual this year.

A scripture plaque that we keep in the kitchen.

Hidden meds and vitamins. I forget to take them if I don't have them out in the kitchen, but I don't want them to be seen all the time by everyone that comes into the kitchen. So, I hide them behind the PW cookbook. And by the way, all those bottles are not JUST for me.

I think there's nothing I love more in a clean kitchen, than a shiny sink. I use the Fly Lady technique to get mine sparkly.

And no fingerprints on my refrigerator.

But alas, the clean didn't last too long. Five minutes later, I was chopping and dicing for a salad. And guess who decided to join me. The Tomato Monster.

"I ohnt ma-to, Mommy." But I'll gladly exchange a clean kitchen for that smile any day.

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blessedmomto8 said...

Looks so clean! GOOD JOB!

Casey said...

Wow, your kitchen is amazing. I am totally jealous

Lauren said...

LOVE that it's time for fall decorations. Now if the weather would cooperate and the girls could wear fall clothes, this mommy would be happy!!!

Laura said...

OMG!! We have the same exact refrigerator! Do you like it?