Oct 12, 2010

Bang Bang!!!!

Saturday evening we met our friends David and Regina and their son Cruz for dinner. Jana also joined us. We ate at Bonefish Grill. Love, love, love the bang-bang shrimp. I joked with David and Regina that it wasn't that they wanted to see us, it was all about where we ate. We all enjoyed dinner. But we REALLY enjoyed loving on Cruz more.

After dinner, we all went outside to talk more before heading home. Sara Madalin was being a little unsocial. She kept telling me, "Mommy, I hidin'." It was only about 5 minutes after this that I realized why she was hiding. She was having a little potty break in her pants behind the tree.

Here's our group photo of the night. We were all laughing at Sara Madalin, who was still working on her "bidness." She didn't want to be interrupted at that particular moment for a photo... But we took it anyway.

Regina said, after seeing how a two-year-old strong-willed toddler acts at times, that they were thankful Cruz is still in the cute, baby stage. Yeah, it's all fun and games... until they become mobile.

Right after this photo, I let her finish, then took her in to change her. She was a much happier and loving child after that.

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Jana said...

I had so much fun seeing all of you!! Hope you guys have a fun trip!!!!

Carrie said...

I totally thought that strong willed toddler in the last picture was my own daughter!!! ha! Like you, I am crazy about the bang bang shrimp at Bonefish Grill and only wish we could eat there more often!