Oct 9, 2010

A Bug Daddy! A Bug! A Bug Daddy! A Bug!.....

Friday night Sara Madalin was in our room when we heard her start saying, VERY LOUDLY, "A bug! A bug Daddy! A bug!" Reagan went into our room where she was, and sure enough, there was a bug. Sometimes she says there is one, but there really isn't. So, we don't get too excited when she starts saying, "Bug!" But this time, she would not stop until she had his attention and he removed it. He recorded a video of her reporting on the situation before he removed the bug. We thought it was funny.

I'm thinking she might have a bit of my obsessive personality. Yes?

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Amanda said...

too cute! and she sure knows who to go to for bugs, i hope my little girls know who to go to, NOT ME! hahaha

Casey said...

Lol! Oh my goodness is she cute and funny