Oct 3, 2010

Day 2 with the Girls

I bet everyone has been anxiously awaiting the tales from my 2nd day with both Sara Madalin and Amandah. No? Oh, well, I'm going to tell you anyway.

Friday I had both girls all day. We started by going to my Friday morning Bible study. We saw Granny and the other ladies I spend my Friday mornings with. Sara Madalin was so excited to see them. She walked right up to our Bible study leader, someone she's never seen before, and put her arms up to her to be picked up. Keeli, the leader, left me a Facebook message later that said how sweet it was. Here are the girls with Granny Martha.

After we left there, it was off to Kindermusik. Sara Madalin is attending with three other girls. All three of them are sisters. They were there with their grandmother, or Mimi, and their nannies. SM is the oldest, I think. Amandah got to hang out with us, and I think she really liked it. She was actually pretty good about lying down on her blanket and listening to and watching the other girls.

I think the hardest thing for me about having the two girls Thursday and Friday wasn't just the logistics of having two small children, it was the fact that my attention was split between the two. I'm so accustomed to all my attention being focused on Sara Madalin. With both girls, I had to focus my attention not just on my baby, but on another baby. It just broke my heart.

I did manage to take a few photos of my girl. Here she is loving on the big bear.

This is a "Sign and Sing" class. So, she's learning more sign language, and reviewing some she already knows. The teacher uses this big bear at the beginning of the class. SM had her eye on it for a few minutes before she was brave enough to grab it up.

See the lady in the next picture?

She was my angel Friday. She was the Mimi of the other girls in class. At one point, SM came over to me to show me something, and I had to put the baby back down on her blanket. Mimi came over and said, "Let me take her for you." A couple minutes later she said, "I need to change her diaper. And don't you worry about it, I am used to this." So, for the rest of Kindermusik class, she held Amandah. It was so sweet of her.

Here's SM with Mrs. Robin and some of her other classmates. They were watching Mrs. Robin with the Jack-in-the box. SM was very curious at first. Mrs. Robin kept saying, "What's gonna happen?" Then, when the clown popped out, SM ran to me and closed her eyes. She said, "Mommy, it 'care me." She has not forgotten about this all weekend. At various times she has said to me, "Mommy, it gonna happen."

Finally, the girls got to play in the bubbles. I think this is SM's favorite part of Kindermusik.

When I was looking back at these pictures I noticed her dress length. That is a dress that my friend Regina gave Sara Madalin for her birthday in May. In May the dress was almost to her ankles. Now, it's right at her knee. She is growing so much so fast.

After Kindermusik, I stopped and picked up lunch for me and my girl, and we headed home. I unloaded, fed the girls, then got them ready for a nap. I put Amandah down first, then Sara Madalin. And they both napped for 2 hours. It was the best two hours of my week.

I do have to say that having Amandah for a couple days has helped me appreciate the "terrible twos." Sara Madalin is able to feed herself. She can follow instructions (usually). She can communicate when she's hurting, or hungry, or tired. And I also saw how much help Sara Madalin could actually be if we had a second child. She helped me a lot while we were at home.

Not long after nap time, Brandi came and picked up Amandah and SM, Reagan, and I left for a church retreat. I'll post about that tomorrow. I have TONS of photos from it.

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Paige said...

Sounds like a busy, but productive day! Hope you have a blessed week.

The Glenn Gang said...

I'm stressed now...thanks! I have less than 5 weeks to figure out how to do this. Remember when you said you would come ANYTIME I need you? How does the next year sound? I mean the WHOLE year!!!

Casey said...

Goodness what a busy day!