Oct 21, 2010

Face Time

Reagan downloaded the new FaceTime software for our Macs last night. I won't pretend to you that I know what that means or entails. All I know is, now, I can connect to him through the application on my computer and Sara Madalin can see him at work or anywhere else, as long as he has his phone or computer, and is connected to the Internet.

Sara Madalin loves it. We called Jonah a couple nights ago so they could "talk" through Facetime. SM likes being able to see herself on the screen more than anyone else, I think. Anyway, last night, she and Reagan were playing around and chatting with me. He was on his phone and I was on my computer. Oh, and they were only about 3 feet away from me.

Look at that stinking girl. She is very much into cheesing for the camera right now.

Maybe she's had her photograph taken a little too much.

This has been a pretty busy month for us. But I think we are finally getting some downtime. And we need it. Sara Madalin has never been a clingy child. We've taken her all over the place and she's met all sorts of people, and she's always been pretty independent in most every situation. But lately, she's started really being clingy toward me. I think maybe it's because we have gone so much this past month. The past few nights she has cried for me to put her to bed. Sometimes I let Reagan do it if I'm busy with housework or homework. I've been trying to study some this week for a big test I have next week, so I asked him to put her to bed last night. She was not having it. She cried and said, "I want Mommy night-night!" So, I put her to bed. She woke up around 2:00. (Another thing she's started doing - waking up in the night. She hasn't done that much at all EVER until recently.) When I went in to give her a cup and get her settled back down, she kept saying, "I go night-night wi' Mommy." When I told her no, she said, "Mommy go night-night my bed." She wouldn't settle down until I would lie down with her. So, I did. Then I fell asleep. I woke up about an hour later and went back to my bed. So, I got a total of about 4 1/2 hours sleep last night. I'm hoping she gets out of this stage soon. Not that I don't like the fact that she wants her momma, but neither of us is getting enough rest. And by "us" I mean me. You'd never know she wasn't getting enough rest by looking at this next picture.

She's sleeping pretty soundly there. She and all her crew. Every night she has to have all these animals and dolls before she can settle down for her bedtime story and night-night. If even one is missing, she will not calm down until it is found and placed somewhere near her. We know, because we've gone through more than one night of frantically looking for Pig! or Beeby-doll in hopes of calming her down. She sleeps with, of course, Pig! that Aunt Sue-Sue gave her when she had tubes put in her ear. She sleeps with Beeby-doll and one frog from B.B., a doggie, another frog, a penguin from SeaWorld, and at least one banket. Last night she said, "I want two bankets Mommy." I said no, and she seemed to be ok with that.

Anyway, sleep... I'm lacking, she's not, evidently. FaceTime... she likes it because she can talk to Jonah and look at herself at the same time. And finally, she really wants her Mommy these days.

The end.

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The Glenn Gang said...

Giggling! Your writing makes me laugh.