Oct 14, 2010

A Fair-ly Good Time

Sunday night after church, we decided to stop by the state fair for a short while. When we came down the hill from church, you could see all the lights from the rides. Sara Madalin said from the back seat, "Oh, that pretty." Then, the questions began. She wanted to know what the rides were. We had to drive around a bit to find a parking space and she said, "We go back?" when we drove around the corner or in the direction away from the rides. I had also told her that we might get ice cream after church. So, as we were driving around, she said, "I get i-cream?" She was so funny.

After we parked, we walked over to the kiddie rides. She kept pointing to different things and saying, "I wide dat." But when we came to the bumble-bees, her face lit up and I knew that needed to be our first ride. We sing the song, "Bringing home a baby bumblebee." It's one of her favorite songs. She was so happy to see the bumblebees. Here we are waiting to ride.

She did so good on the ride. I was so proud of her. And she loved it.

As we were walking to the next ride, we ran into some of those Sojourners that we love so much. Here is SM, Cash, Charlie, and Skyler. They were there with their daddies and Charlie's mom and grandparents. Sara Madalin was excited to see them. When we left them, she said to me, "Where Cash and Chah-ee go?"

Next, we all three rode the teddy bears. Reagan and I quickly discovered that we are too old for fair rides - even the kiddy ones. You sit and the bear spins, while at the same time going in a circle like the carousel. I thought I was going to be sick and even said that. SM looked at me and said, "Mommy gone be sick?" I said, "No, baby. Mommy's just playing." Here are my two favorite people in the whole wide world.

Me and my girl.

Then she and I got really brave. We slid down the BIG slide. In 37 years, I've never done that because of my fear of heights. But my little daredevil of a child is taking me outside my comfort zone. There's a video of us at the bottom of this post. You can't tell it by the look on her face, but she really enjoyed it.

All the rides made us hungry. So, we finally convinced Daddy to get us some i-cream. We sat down on a bench and ate it while watching everyone around us. She kept asking, "What dat, Mommy? What dat?" every time someone would walk by with a prize or toy.

Of course, we had to pay a visit to the petting zoo. It's her favorite thing about the whole fair. Reagan taught her to hold her hand out flat and put the carrot in the palm of her hand, so the animals wouldn't bite her fingers. She did so well with it.

She absolutely loves animals. I have a feeling that if we continue to live in the country with all this open land, she's going to want a few animals to play with out here. She's going to have to get a little older first.

Her last ride was the carousel. She loves this ride as well.

One last stop for an Icee and we said good-bye to the fair for another year.

She was asleep before we even got to the interstate a mile or so away. She did so well while there. I kept telling her how proud I was of her. She didn't throw any tantrums when we would tell her she couldn't ride or have something, and she's like most other kid at the fair - she wants most every toy and wants to ride most every ride. She did well waiting in lines. She was polite. She walked when we told her to and held our hands instead of running off. We've had our fair share of tantrums in the past at events like this. And we've been working very hard on not running from Mommy and Daddy in crowded places or parking lots. We've been told persistence and consistency in discipline would pay off. And we're starting to see that it is. Now, we know there will times when she's not so well-behaved and good mannered - usually at times when we are with other people when know. But, she did well tonight and we made sure that she knew we noticed. When she shared, we told her thank you for sharing. When she took "no" in a good way, we told her how proud we were and what a big girl she was being. We tried to use as much positive reinforcement as we could. We can tell she's starting to understand some of the things we're trying to teach her. And I'm so thankful for the sweet girl she is, when she wants to be.

Finally, here's the video of our slide ride. With each bump, she said to me, "Mommy! Mommy!" But she didn't fuss or cry. I just think it was a bigger slide than she expected. She would have ridden again if we'd let her.

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