Oct 29, 2010

Happy BOO to You!

Today was Sara Madalin's Halloween party at school. I wish I could say I'm the mom who slaves away baking cupcakes for everyone in my daughter's class. But I'm not. I'm the mom who picks up some candy at Kroger, divides it up into Ziploc bags, and puts a printed label on it to make it look a little more festive. And you know what, I'm ok with that.

I debated whether to dress SM up in her costume for school today, but I didn't want to risk the chance of her being laughed at for being the only child in costume. So, instead, I risked her being the only one who wasn't. But she did dress in cute Fall colors and carried her M-Mouse bag.

I dropped her off at school, ran a few errands, then came back for the party. When I got there, they were all going for a ride in the Bye-Bye Buggy. Sara Madalin loves the Bye-Bye Buggy.

When they went back inside and unloaded from the buggy, they started getting ready for the party. I noticed the teacher bringing in a couple high chairs. I said, "Oh, do you have to put a couple of the kids in high chairs when they eat?" She grinned and said, "Yes, ma'am." I grinned back and said, "Is my child one of those that you put in a high chair?" She said, "Yes ma'am. She and Charlie have a little extra energy." I said, "Well that's a nice way of telling me she misbehaves during lunch." She said, "No, she just has a lot of energy. But in my experience, those who have extra energy also have extra personality."

I guess that's why these two like each other so much. They both have extra "personality."

All the other children sat in regular chairs around the table and enjoyed their cupcakes and chips.

The cupcakes had plastic rings on them as decorations. I took Sara Madalin's and washed the frosting off it so she could play with it. After I cleaned hers, they all wanted theirs cleaned as well.

After the party, she and I came back home for a minute to get her costume. Then we stopped by the store so everyone could see her. She also got a little candy from some of the ladies in the pharmacy and the office. Here she is with Mrs. Kim.

Then she and her Daddy headed back to the office to see the ladies there.

Mrs. Renee was "scared" of Rex.

Mrs. Kay gave her candy and a coloring book and colors.

Here she is with Ne-Ne, who surprisingly wasn't afraid anymore.

And Mrs. Tina.

She's always enjoyed stopping by to see them. And I think they are happy to see her from time to time too.

After we left there, we headed out to see Ms. Ann and Ms. Nancy. We haven't seen them in weeks. I called Ms. Ann last week to see about us stopping by, but Ms. Nancy was sick and they weren't at home. So, we made plans to see her later this week. SM had a great time with them. I took my camera in - had it sitting next to me on the sofa the entire time - but I forgot to take any pictures. I had meant to take a picture of her in her costume with them. But she got busy playing and we got busy visiting, and I completely forgot. I can tell you though, she loves Ms. Ann. I had told her we were going to visit them and she asked about it ALL day. Every time we got in the car, she said, "I go see Ahhnn?" When we got there, I got her out of the car and she started climbing the steps to the house while I finished unloading a few things. She got up onto the porch, looked back at me and said, "Bye-bye Mommy." I said, "No, I'm staying too." We had a great visit and I'm glad she got to see them for a little while.

After we left there, we ate lunch and took a long nap together. It's been a great day for our girl.

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Paige said...

Sara Madalin gets cuter and cuter everyday! Love the costume. Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Courtney said...

She looks adorable in her costume. My nephew Logan would be right there next to her in the high chair. I wanted to let you know that I found HoneyCrisp apple cider at Krogers the other day and thought of you. It is so yummy!!!!

Ashlee McCrary said...

Cutest lil dinosaur ever!