Oct 7, 2010

Her Work is Never Done

Our little girl is one busy miss. This week she has been on the go, just like pretty much every other week. She started her social duties for the week with a visit to the airport to meet her friend Cruz. She caught up on some coloring while she waited.

You'll notice that EVERY marker has the top off. She didn't as much coloring as she did removing the tops and putting them back on. Only to remove them again. But hey, it kept her busy and entertained for 30 minutes. She was actually very well behaved while we waited.

This past weekend, my friend Regina emailed (back when I had no cell service - not that I'm dwelling or anything) and said they were booking tickets for a last minute trip home. She said they would be here for a couple weeks. So, because the amount of time that we are going to get to spend with them will be VERY limited, I told her I'd meet them at the airport so we could see them for a few minutes. It was the first time we got to see little Cruz in person. He's so cute and cuddly. I took him from Regina when they came through the gate. I'm not sure if it was jealousy of me holding Cruz, or excitement in seeing Regina, but Sara Madalin turned to Regina and said, "Hold me! Hold me!" I think we were both happy to see them.

After we left the airport, we headed home to relax a bit before dinner. I straightened up around the house and Sara Madalin caught up on her "stories." And by "stories," I mean "Dora, the Explorer." I tell you, that Boots, he's a character. And Swiper... oh, don't get me started.

Once Daddy got home we had dinner. Then, she and I tried to catch up on our blogging.

Isn't that funny? It was to us. I was sitting there typing away and she walked over to her Daddy's laptop and started "typing" just as fast. So, Reagan opened up a Word document and let her type. She actually recognizes a few letters by sight. She knew what the "M" was and the "B." I thought it was a freak thing at first. But, after asking her a couple different times, and she consistently answered correctly, I knew she really recognized them.

As you can probably tell, she stays pretty active. And while it wears us out most days, we would not want our life to be any other way.

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blessedmomto8 said...

LOVE that zebra outfit AND HER HAIR! She's so adorable! Cruz is a sweetie too-love the name!