Oct 26, 2010

Hide Your Socks AND Your Shoes

Sunday, after morning church service, our Sunday school class got together for lunch. A couple in our class lives in a subdivision that has a private lake and beach area. We spread out our blankets, or sat in our chairs, ate and talked, and watched the kids have a great time playing in the sand. Sara Madalin loved it. Here she is sitting in her little chair about to eat lunch.

After she ate, Sara Madalin said, "I play Mommy." So, we took off her shoes and socks and rolled up her pants and let her go out to the sand.

I'm really working on not hovering over her in situations like this. I feel like I watch over her and try to keep her too close to me. I want her to be able to play and enjoy herself. And this time, she really did. She played so hard.

In these pictures above, you can see her digging in the sand with a paper plate. Before she had that, she had collected one of the older kid's sandals and was using them as a shovel. As if that wasn't bad enough, she had someone else's tennis shoes and was filling them with sand. So, Reagan and I had to try and keep an eye on her for the rest of that afternoon in order to protect the footwear of all present.

The older boys played football on the beach and the girls spent the entire time we were out there digging this huge hole. I don't know how deep or wide it was, but after they ate, they started digging, and they were still digging when we left.

Sara Madalin played for about an hour or hour and a half, had some banana pudding, played some more, then came back up for something to drink. She was hot and "thirssy."

We could tell she was pretty tired. We left and headed home for her to take a nap and bath before evening service. We enjoyed the time of fellowship and look forward to doing it again.

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Casey said...

Wow what a fun place. I'm sorry but the shoe thing had me laughing!