Oct 11, 2010

Kindermusik Fall 2010- Week 2

Friday morning we attended the second Fall Kindermusik class for Sara Madalin. We were late. Again. And we didn't even have the excuse of a spoiled rotten second child. We were just late. But Sara Madalin had a great time anyway.

At this class she got to play with egg-shakers and jingle balls. She loved both. She kept wanting to throw the balls. I finally convinced her it was more fun (and safer) to roll them to Mommy.

She loves the class. She smiles and giggles the whole time. She enjoys the music, the signing, and the playing.

Here she is in a "ball pit" with one of the other girls. She actually played well with her. The other little girl is the oldest of three girls. She and Sara Madalin have very similar personalities. Maybe that's why they can play well together. They both kind of boss the other around a little, then they move on to playing.

We had moved all the bears to the side of the room so the little girls wouldn't trip on them. SM decided she would go lie down on top of them and go "night-night." Mrs. Robin decided it would be the perfect time to tickle her with the duck. I wish you could hear her giggling.

We have a break for a couple weeks. I'm sure she'll be excited to start back after the break. She's so proud of herself when she learns a new sign and can show it to me or her Daddy. And we love to see her learn new things.

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