Oct 1, 2010

Nobody's Bleeding and Nothing Was Broken

Anybody want to know how my day went with two girls?

Well, I didn't have both of them ALL day. Sara Madalin went to daycare and Amandah and I started our day together. We first went to get my driver's license renewed. Luckily a very nice state trooper helped me. Looking back, that must have been the first of many moments throughout the day when people thought I looked a little overwhelmed.

After we left there, we headed over to Target. I may have mentioned that Amandah is a little spoiled. Or maybe I didn't. But she is. She had to be held the entire time we were in the store. As a matter of fact, as soon as the car stops, she gives you about 3 minutes to get her out of the car seat before she starts screaming. But as soon as we start driving again, she's fine.

Back to Target.

I carried her in my arms the whole time. All while trying to pull the cart through the store and shop. It wasn't easy.

From there we went to Party City for a few things I need for the weekend. Let me rephrase, to pick up a few things SARA MADALIN needs for the weekend. Then we were on to Hobby Lobby. She was asleep by the time we made it there. So, I thought, "I'll take her in in her seat and she can sleep the whole time we're in there." Oh no. As soon as I sat the car seat down in the cart she woke up. Then she saw me. Standing there. NOT HOLDING HER. That wouldn't do. So, again, I carried her while in the store. Of course, everyone stops you when you have a cute, chubby little baby. What they don't realize is SHE IS SPOILED ROTTEN.

We finished up at Hobby Lobby, ran by Kroger, then headed home. But only long enough for me to feed her a bottle and load up Taco and her stuff. I also took a couple pictures of that stinker.

Her Momma had left her with me with a little white bow in her hair. I told her, "It's ok. Aunt Minda's here now. I'll get you an appropriate hair accessory." Everybody knows a 4 month old girl needs a flower at least half the size of her head in her hair.

After our brief stop by the house, we headed south to drop off Taco at the vet. We left there went to pick up SM. We then drove 40 minutes to her swim school where the REAL FUN BEGAN.

Because I couldn't hold her AND carry the diaper bag and swim bag AND hold onto my child to keep her from running out in front of a car, I had to carry Amandah inside in her car seat. (See the paragraph above referring to Hobby Lobby.) And on top of her crying, I now had my child falling out in the parking lot crying because I wouldn't let her carry the car seat. Never mind that Amandah and the car seat are twice her size. So, we had to have a little talk wherein I threatened to leave with NO swimming lessons if she didn't hold my hand and stop crying. RIGHT. THEN.

She stopped crying.

I got them inside where we went into a changing room so I could get Sara Madalin dressed. That sweet little girl in the car seat SCREAMED the entire time. But, as soon as Sara Madalin went into the pool area, I picked up Amandah. Amazingly, she stopped crying. She looked around and even cooed a little bit. But, it was short lived. It was about time for another bottle so she started letting me know she was hungry. I pulled out a bottle of water to prepare her formula. Oh, but wait. Guess who forgot the dry formula back at home on the counter? That would be me. The woman who packed everything but the kitchen sink in the diaper bag when my baby was 4 months old.

Luckily, she had a juice bottle in the bag as well. She didn't really want that. But she took it.

Sara Madalin finished up her lessons and did really good about coming into the changing room with me to get out of her wet clothes. But, again, I had to sit Amandah in her car seat. Want to guess how that went? Well, it just so happens I took a couple pictures. I would have used my camera instead of my phone, but when I turned on my camera, it gave me the message that there was no memory card.

Of course there's not.

I told her I was taking this next picture for her momma.

You can't really get the effects of the tantrum without video. But, it was quite loud. Sara Madalin is probably saying to me, "Mommy, baby c'yin." She said that to me SEVERAL times.

Just after I took this picture, Max's mom, along with about 5 other parents, asked if I needed any help getting out with the girls. But I said, no, thank you. I mean, she's got three kids of her own to wrangle to the car. Luckily a college friend of mine also has a little girl that takes lessons right after Sara Madalin. He and his parents were right outside the room where we were changing and he walked in and offered to help carry the bags and Sara Madalin out for me.

We made it to the car and finally home where Amandah's mom was waiting in the drive-way for us. Whew! There were moments throughout the day where I went from thinking, "I could do this." to "HOW IN THE WORLD DO PEOPLE DO THIS?"

But, at the end of the day, no one was bleeding. So, I guess you could say it was a success.

Today... we tackle Bible study and Kindermusik. This should be interesting.

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Heather said...

Omg, she is adorable! I love that last picture, so funny. Sadly...and happily, this is a day in my life. And it always seems as though they both need me at the exact same time. Lorezo is an in the arms babe too, so I have a few different carriers to keep my hands free. Neither Gia or I would have eaten in those first few months if not for a ring sling! You definitely appreciate ANY and ALL help when there is more than one child to care for.

blessedmomto8 said...

LOL! That's my day every day TIMES 7! You just get used to it! AND BLAKELY ABSOLUTELY HATES her carseat also but only she gives us the gift of crying the moment she hears the "SNAP" of the seat! SO STRESSFUL! HUGS! They are both adorable! AND I AGREE on the flower as big as the head!